Could A Past Life Affect My Vision Now?

A coach I’ve worked with for over a year offered me a free session to explore possible past-life contributions to my vision challenges in this life. She’s done this work for 15 years with clients in her office, but never at a distance. As her first Skype client, I would be the guinea pig to see if her techniques would still be effective remotely. I was curious, and also apprehensive — what if I blinded someone centuries ago and was still being punished for it? Or what if a cannonball exploded in my face during the Revolutionary War — did I really want to relive that? I trust her, and decided to go ahead. She took some time to relax me and put me into a hypnotic trance, my first time with that experience. When I was guided to notice my surroundings, I seemed to be in medieval times, the people simple and primitive and superstitious. I was a healer woman from somewhere else, with skills and education no one had in the village, living alone on the edge of town in a little hut. The villagers sometimes came to me for help with an injury or illness when they were desperate, but didn’t really like me or trust me. A woman who had something wrong with her eye visited me asking for help. She was an angry demanding person, and while I didn’t feel comfortable with her I still wanted to do what I could. The eye was swollen and infected, and I knew she needed to clean it (hygiene was horrible in the village), bathe it regularly in cool clean water to calm the inflammation, and get sunlight on it. I also knew she wouldn’t believe this was enough, and I’d need to invent a ruse of a “healing potion” to convince her. I was nervous and uncomfortable about the lie as I told her a big dark green leaf was the answer. When she put it over her eye, it got worse and she was furious, blaming me. This might have been from her being dirty, and also the jumbled energy from her negativity and my own deception, but the damage was done. For much of my life I’ve had dreams of an angry mob chasing me with sticks, running me out of town, and that’s what happened. The villagers came for me as if I was the Devil, took turns gouging out my eyes deeper and deeper, and finally killed me. During the session I was sobbing. I just wanted to help the woman, and the hurt of being so misunderstood was almost as bad as the physical pain. Floating between lives now, my coach led me to glean the learning from this, and to let the fear and the pain go. Whether this is exactly true or not, it felt true. No wonder I’ve been so afraid of people, especially crowds! No wonder I was so terrified when I took my glasses off for long … Continue reading Could A Past Life Affect My Vision Now?