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The vision halo - johnwayne - 02-21-2009

I was wondering if anyone has tried using a vision halo and what sort of results they've gotten from it? I forced myself to make one and try it out after reading Tom Quakenbush's enthusiastic endorsement of them (there's a good description of them with diagrams and instructions on how to make them on clarknight's website; his suggestion of using a plastic coated wire coat hanger is a good one and that is what I used). I find that they work really well. There's an immediate increase in visual acuity both close up and in the distance, and it seems to encourage good vision habits such as constant head movement. They don't strain the eyes like pinhole glasses sometimes can and may be easier to use. I have also noticed that the positive effect on vision seems to last longer than pinholes when they're taken off. They also don't block out light. I find that the best approach tends to be using a combination of pinholes and the vision halo. Pinholes can relieve the eyes of some types of strain if there's strain present, and can be worn while eating or drinking, whereas the vision halo can't. I have not had much success with pinholes when worn for a long time, although that might because I'm not used to them.

Cheers, JW

Re: The vision halo - clarknight - 02-22-2009

Vision halo helps the eyes, mind return to normal central fixation, seeing clearest with the center of the visual field, and moving that field from object to object, part to part on objects.
Once you understand all these normal eye/mind functions that the vision halo (central fixation stick) activates, you can go without it and maintain them.

Another method: I hang a ruler upright on a string in a open window; switch back and forth, close and far on the ruler and distant objects.
Shift on the ruler, then switch to the distance and shift on distant objects beyond the ruler.
Then back to the ruler, then to the distance...
Practice with both eyes, one eye at a time, both together again.
Let the body move, sway a little side to side.. Blink, relax.
Shift on the objects and remember, imagine the objects clear; eyes open, closed, open.
The repeat while thinking any pleasant thoughts, imagining any scene, objects, and remember, imagine them clear.
Remembering, imagining any object clear, thinking of things that bring a happy state of mind improves the memory, imagination, relaxation, clarity of vision resulting in all objects being seen clear.

Re: The vision halo - johnwayne - 03-26-2009

Thanks I'll give it a go.