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Quackwatch tries to put down Chiropractors - blauw - 05-22-2009


This really bugs me. I would like to email this person and tell them that my father was 30 lbs. heavier on one leg before he went to the Chiropractor and that he had major back problems. He also has two vertebrae in his neck that are fused, which happened when he was younger. And he hasn't had a stroke or any other thing like that. Of course these back problems and 30 lbs heavier one one leg didn't go away over one visit. They went away after multiple visits (Remind anyone of anything they are practicing for their eyesight? Bates Method, for a lot of people can't be done for one session and thats that, but over a period of time., but some get instant results and cure themselves, like the people who were under the guidance of Dr. Bates himself.)

This Quackwatch website is only out there so that when people search up these Natural methods for relief from something or cure something they get scared back into spending money on the mainstream western medicine drugs......

I hope that one day we will all be practicing Natural methods for everything.....

Good luck to all,

Re: Quackwatch tries to put down Chiropractors - clarknight - 05-23-2009

I had a injury from a 'dishonest' chiropractor. She used a different treatment. Turned my neck only in one direction and threw 3 vertabrae out of alignment then set me up for repeated treatments. A different doctor there told me she knocked the 3 vertebrae out of alignment and he does not like this new treatment the modern chiropractors are using.
He stays with the old reliable treatment.
The woman doctor made me sign a consent form stating she is not liable if a injury occurs.
I went in there asking for only back treatment, 5 times said please do not do my neck, it is fine.
Asked her to please do both sides of my back cause doing only one side impairs my balance.
She was insulted, upset that I told her how to do her job.
Did both sides of my back, then talked me into doing my neck, assuring me it will be beneficial and then she turned it to only one side. She injured the neck.
My usual, 'honest' chiropractor had to correct the injury. (I went to the other chiropractor because she takes my insurance)
The honest chiropractor improves my balance and I notice night vision much clearer than 20/20.
Now physical therapy and other body work exercises, yoga maintain the adjustment so I do not need to return to chiropractor.
If I really injure myself lifting... I have gone back to chiropractor for quick results but since that other chiropractor injured my neck, vision: loud constant, endless ringing in ears, black, blind spot in center visual field growing bigger, I am afraid to go.
I was just lucky that I found the good, honest chiropractor and she repaired the damage. One adjustment and the ringing stopped, black spot gone. She charges less money and never pushes for unnecessary appointments.
She also repaired another injury that chiropractor caused and improved my balance after the another chiropractor could not fix it after endless appointments.

Re: Quackwatch tries to put down Chiropractors - Nancy - 05-23-2009

I also believe in chiropractic & it has helped me personally a lot: better posture, better balance, less neck & shoulder tension, overall more body relaxation. Yes, someone good will work with your body & try to ease it into better alignment, not force it, & it may take a while, so people who want an instant cure (like Lasik) without changing any of their habits probably won't want this. The guy I go to gives gentle dietary & exercise advice to a lot of his clients who he thinks need it. Oh, & I pay for this out of my own pocket -- I choose not to have medical insurance because I've had several interactions with incompetent MDs in the past. One physician thought my pectoral muscle was a breast lump, & she was female! Also, I was diagnosed with a "life-threatening illness" in 1987 & told I could be in a wheelchair in a year & they could only give me "medicine" to dull the symptoms when I got worse! So of course I'm very healthy & athletic still, thanks largely to my own research & good diet & other habits, not the medical profession! OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.