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Bates Method Exercises "In A Nutshell"? - Fiddler - 12-24-2009

Hi everyone! I just found this site and find it fascinating. I'd like to give the Bates Method a try.
However, here's my problem. While I don't at this time know what I can do to improve my eyesight, I most certainly know what I can do to hurt it: Staring at this stupid computer screen!
There is a huge amount of information on this site, including the full-length version of the Bates book and the forum.
It really causes me problems to read the screen for long periods of time. It takes a long time to get my eyes re-focused in the "real world" after a long computer session.
Is there any way that an extremely abbreviated list of Bates exercises can be posted here, skipping all the theory and so forth?
I'd like to see something like:
Step 1. Do this.
Step 2. Do that.
Step 3. Well, you get the idea.
If this isn't possible, I'll continue browsing this site, but it will take a long time as I try to limit my computer time these days.

Re: Bates Method Exercises "In A Nutshell"? - isee - 12-24-2009

Yes there is. I recommend cleareyesight.info. This website contains easy-to-follow instructions on how to improve your vision. It's overwhelming, but very helpful. You should read a little each day. You could also print each chapter so you don't have to read it on the screen. At this time, the author of the website is giving away the PDF version, which is much easier to print from. Find her email on the website, and ask for this free copy. Enjoy!

Re: Bates Method Exercises "In A Nutshell"? - Fiddler - 12-25-2009

Hey thanks! I checked out the link. Lotsa good reading ahead.

Re: Bates Method Exercises "In A Nutshell"? - Alexndre - 12-25-2009

I recommend you to close your eyes for about 30 seconds and then looking somewhere else in the room where you are. If you do that as often as you feel the need, you will greatly reduce your eyestrain. Also, by writing ''Printable snellen test card'' on google, you will find lots of eye charts. If you do the long swing (you can search it on Clark Night website if you don't know what it is and if you don't know how to use the eye chart, this is very well explained) 20-30 times before going to bed and when you wake up in the morning, it will really helps. After having done the long swing, you can stretch yourself a little bit and after that, go in front of your chart, blink softly, breathe easily, relax and read it without straining. Also, if you like to do palming, do it as much as you can. If you pratice every mornings, it will be a great help for relieving your eyestrain and improving your sight during the day.

Have a nice day of improvements!