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I want to see good. - sepanto - 02-23-2010

Hi guys. My name's Andrey and I'm from Israel, and I want to see good. My numbers is around 8 in both eyes. and I don't know how to start the exercises. Thanks for any help.

Re: I want to see good. - fidisolo - 02-23-2010

Try reading the introduction pages on this website (<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.iblindness.org">http://www.iblindness.org</a><!-- m -->) and check out the exercise descriptions forum for some quick basic concepts...otherwise bates book and the eyesight magazines are good.

The key to clear vision is relaxation and seeing without strain.

good luck!

Re: I want to see good. - sepanto - 02-25-2010

how do i start. I don't wanna read all the books.

Re: I want to see good. - elanerajk30 - 02-25-2010

You cannot start til you read. Smile

Re: I want to see good. - sepanto - 02-25-2010

So I started the bates book. Is knowing all the background necessary?

Re: I want to see good. - clarknight - 02-25-2010

Thomas Quackenbush - Book Relearning to See.
Better Eyesight Magazines by Ophthalmologist William H. Bates. Check Davids Bookstore. Inquire on the best book.
Learn to shift the eyes, visual attention from part to part on a object.
Example; People with blur tend to squint and stare at a blurry object, not moving the eyes.
People with clear vision let their eyes move about on the object.
Shift continually, easy, relaxed from one small part to another. Do this on any object you look at.
When the eyes move the mind, eyes, eye muscles relax and vision is clear.
Combine central fixation with shifting. Move the small center of the visual field from part to part, object to object.
Blink and relax. No effort, no strain to see. Let the vision come clear on its own. Shift as a easy, automatic habit all the time. You are imitating normal eye function. With practice the eyes will do this on their own and even better than when you are practicing, completely natural, vision remains clear.
Practice on objects at a variety of distances to improve convergence, convergence, accommodation...

Re: I want to see good. - spydermann - 02-26-2010

I think everyone is so different and seems improves their eyesight in different ways...

If you're bored with the books (like I was), I just went on living daily life only I focused on staying in tune with my eyes, becoming more "eye-conscious", relaxing my squint (which was surprising how often I did!) and catching myself when I'd stare and be sure to shift and move my eyes over objects healthily.

When did you get glasses?

Re: I want to see good. - clarknight - 02-26-2010

High school. Used Bates method throughout life and never got glasses again since 1972.
Have you done any of the close and far switching/shifting with both eyes, one eye at a time, both again to get equal clear in both eyes? thats Behavioral Optometry combined with Bates.

See 7+ videos; <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5JxOFVi3hc&feature=channel">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5JxOFVi ... re=channel</a><!-- m -->

Re: I want to see good. - sepanto - 03-01-2010

I tried some palming and sunning and central fixation and shifting and I didn't feel any improvement. also I'm allways with my glasses on, does it matter? I can't be without my glasses.

Re: I want to see good. - clarknight - 03-01-2010

Must try to go without glasses! Main thing thats holding you back. At least try reduced 20/40 lenses.
See lnks for optical companies, low cost through mail at http://www.visionsofjoy.org

Re: I want to see good. - sepanto - 03-01-2010

a) I live in israel.
b) my number is around -8.
c) I'm a yeshiva bochur, I read for about 9 hours a day.

Re: I want to see good. - clarknight - 03-01-2010

Reading fine print relaxed without glasses, in the sun, no squinting, just a couple minutes 1-2 times day will bring your close vision to perfect clarity and you won't need glasses. Carry a ring, small stone with you and shift on it close to the eyes.
Did you see the new close vison video on Youtube?

Re: I want to see good. - sepanto - 03-01-2010

seeing it now.

Re: I want to see good. - clarknight - 03-01-2010

Trying to upload more. having trouble with video clarity when reduce video for youtube time limit.
Will be putting most on my web soon.
Use that corect vision habits card.

Re: I want to see good. - sepanto - 03-02-2010

I tried it (with a flower) and it didn't work, i still see crap short sight.