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Help - JWLBOYCE - 06-21-2010

Hi Guys, I am losing my mind here - Since last January I have been trying the Bates Method - and I will continue, but I know I am doing some thing wrong - I used to stare quite a lot now I absolutely never do - I tried to the other day just to remind myself of how well I was doing and I just couldn't do it at all, which is a good sign. I am getting REALLY Frustrated with it though - I still know that the bates method works, and I still have an aim to go into the optitions and tell him I have improved my eyesight, but I don't know what I am doing wrong - I need to start again completely. Please can you just remind me of the principles - and habits. and any other techniques that you have found useful.

I have not had any clear patches as of yet, and in my left eye I am about -0.5 at the minute and about -3 in my right eye (not for long though Smile) I want to have 20/20 or better in both eyes for my pilot class one medical next summer, so I have got a year to acheive this - what should my first step be if I want to be able to make a post in the sucess forum in a few months down the line. Personally I think a main problem is that because my left eye is soooo close to 20/20 I just assume I am practicing correct habits even though I am not.

PLEASE may you help me - my aim ideally is to get 20/20 in both eyes before I go back to school in the Autumn. Just so you know - I do have a Snellen chart but I barely ever use it - how would I go about using it. Would a field divider be useful - what should I use or need. In september if there has still been no improvement I am going to find a teacher to go to, but I think that will be expensive so I would rather not Smile

Thanks guys - I will carry on spreading the word of the bates method, its just I really want to be able to say I have done it when people say it is impossible.

Thanks Smile

Re: Help - Nancy - 06-22-2010

Start doing the chart regularly. just to see where you are, and have proof to yourself of any improvements, no matter how small or momentary. There's a strong end-gaining tone to your post -- I recognize this because I have so much of it myself. Let go of the goal of getting to point X by time Y and just start doing Bates practices regularly (palming, sunning, swings, eyechart), and notice how you respond.

Re: Help - Andrea Major - 06-22-2010

Also, try investing into a good comfortable eye patch. Cover your good eye for a long time, like a whole entire weekend if possible and try to do things around the house that way. Think of it as a fun exercise, an experiment only. You may get a revelation from the exercise, who knows?!

Re: Help - JWLBOYCE - 06-22-2010

Right, so do the charts and use a patch/ field divider.

Anything else ?

Thanks Smile