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Bonoculars as an Aid to Vison? - Ares - 08-22-2010

I always was cautious about binoculars. Mostly because i had headaches when i was using them with glasses or contacts. Don't get me wrong, i love optics like Binoculars, Telescopes, Microscopes, Sniper Scopes, even Red Dot Sights.

I even now remember how nice it was to look around with the cheap Sniper Scope i have placed on a piece of wood i carved in the shape of a rifle. (Yeah, too much movies and pc games. Big Grin )

But it was great improvement for my eye when i was in -9D.
Also when setting targets, you must relax to keep the "weapon" steady, and your attention is focused to something.
Yes, i want to become an IPSC, shooter someday... 8)

Anyway, i already gone to far. When i noticed i am amblyopic, i used binoculars to see how my eyes focus. I also noticed that i had improvement!
But i was seen only ONE circle, something i believed wrong, but seamed to be correct.
And i dropped a Dioptre temporary as well. 8)

Despite what movies, tv series or games show, here is the CORRECT view from binoculars:
[Image: binocular_view.jpg]

And here is the WRONG:
[Image: binocular_view_movies.jpg]

So, with binoculars you can see thing perfectly, observe birds or the Moon, your attention is attracted, your mind sees something perfect and will have a perfect memory from it, and your eyes learn to focus at the same point!

So, what do you think people?

Images from:
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.birdwatching.com/optics/education/interpupillary_distance.html">http://www.birdwatching.com/optics/educ ... tance.html</a><!-- m -->

Re: Bonoculars as an Aid to Vison? - clarknight - 08-22-2010

I know that close vision glasses (magnifiers) and using a magnifying glass can impair the vision. Binoculars: I am not sure. I Iike to use them also but do feel strain, pulling on my eyes after using them and my vision gets dependant on them, less clear. Maybe its just me. If telescopes... were causing vision impairment, then most people ooking at the starts through the scopes would have blur, glasses. Do they??

Hint; use correct vision habits when looking through the binoculars and other scopes; shift, central fixation, blink, relax, neck relaxed.
Do not look at or near the sun or reflections of the sun through telescopes, binoculars. My friend and another person in California got a cornea burn and scar by doing this. Using Bates Method. I think one guy is completely healed now but its best to avoid injury in the first place.

Re: Bonoculars as an Aid to Vison? - Ares - 08-22-2010

Here we have to say that looking at the Sun using telescopes of any kind, without filter at least, can and will hurt the eyes, because the rays are focused to a tiny point.

Of course they can impair vision (like everything we using wrong), but i noticed that this happens only when you look at things you can normal see with normal eyes and also when you remember the thing you look at as it was with normal vision. When looking at something unknown or so far away that you can't see it with normal vision, it seems to have a benefit.

Also in my case, they help me focus my eyes at the same point, and i am noticing that my brain starts to develop a unconscious habit already! Smile

Furthermore i believe they can help you if you use them to improve imagination and memory. I mean, looking at unknown things, or things you where not able to see without them, causes the mind to remember and that improves memory, something that improves imagination and memory.

Of course i have to remember to blink, and swing the view around, like scanning the horizon, and there are many building here, so they offer points of view on all distances. And i have to admit that i noticed that is very, very easy to stare when using them... Sad

Well if one with imperfect sight is using a telescope he will get worse, but he will get worse eventually. People with normal vision seems that they use their eyes with the naturally intended way on most occasions.