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My vision improvement story - jonathanb - 08-30-2006

Hi all,

I'm Jonathan.

In Feb of 2003 I had to go to the optometrist to get glasses because I was having trouble reading the board at school. I was 20/100 (-1.25) in my right eye and 20/70 (-0.75/-0.25 x 50) in my left eye.

I started working with the plus lens a year later and in April 2004 went back to the OD. I was 20/60-2 in my right eye and 20/50-2 in my left eye.

In october 2004 I had improved to 20/35+1 (-0.75) in my right eye and 20/25+1 (-0.50/-0.50 x 50) in my left eye. I stopped using the plus lens in June 2005, and since then my vison has been about the same. These days my vision fluctuated between 20/25 and 20/40.

One thing I have now that I didnt have before is astigmatism (in both eyes). As of June 2005 I had -0.50D in my right eye and -0.75D in my left. However my mom has astigmatism and I think that might be somewhat genetic.

Niether of my parents are nearsighted however I ended up that way. So the whole myopia genetics theory doesnt apply to me.

I keep a close eye on my vision now, making sure I dont go below 20/40.

Age 16