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Graduates - otto - 05-11-2011

Wouldn't it be cool if David or someone contacted all the old users that seemed to have found a cure or near cure and asked them to come back to comment on there current experiences on a special topic thread? Just an idea!

Re: Graduates - Pikachu - 05-11-2011

Yeah, that'd be cool, but I guess I can sort of understand why those who achieved their goals might not want to log in again. I mean, this entire forum is filled with people who are trying to recover their vision, but have not done so yet. Not the kind of atmosphere that inspires retention, but who knows?

For the record, if and when I recover my vision, I intend on logging in regularly, as long as I can be of use somehow.

Re: Graduates - Deliverance - 05-11-2011

That's just an awesome idea!... there is a few members who have achieved the cure or almost it, I would like to see that users making its contribution here again, I encourage David, as owner of this community to contact all of them! Wink

Re: Graduates - David - 05-12-2011

I'll shoot an email announcement off to forum members who have elected to receive announcements when I do the site upgrade, and maybe I can get a few to come back. If not, there will be plenty of new ones when the traffic picks up.

Re: Graduates - otto - 05-12-2011

That's great, David! Thanks!