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Bates in my Will - clarknight - 05-28-2011

Have left Dr. Bates family in my will.

Re: David, iblindness.org in my will - David - 05-28-2011

I hope you get your neck issues sorted out. It's starting to sound more serious, the way you're talking. But sure, I'll do what you want with all the stuff. I'm honored that you trust me to handle it.

Re: David, iblindness.org in my will - clarknight - 05-29-2011

Thanks David! I think the only thing to do is stay away from the chiros. Was getting better til went to this new one last month. Really only wanted x-rays for my doc. Crazy medical people. Chiros always playing ariound with C1, 2.

Dr. Bates in will - clarknight - 07-24-2011

Dr. Bates grandchildren, great grand children are in my will to preserve the doctors books, magazines