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Re: How to look at stuff - ted - 02-20-2013

Quote:You're probably doing something such as trying to make it clearer, or doing some sort of shifting or something else that you think is the right thing to do, instead of just looking at the smallest spots of color that you can already see without it becoming any clearer.

But you have to keep blinking too. It seems like each blink changes what the blurry image looks like slightly. And so I'm thinking that you can then sort of "add" up each image from each blink and piece together what is really there. I think it also helps to compare what you are looking at to a different point that's close by that you already can see or know what it is. Specifically, I'm describing reading notes on the chalkboard in class at a distance that is slightly blurry.

Re: How to look at stuff - David - 02-24-2013

DaniFixe Wrote:Had to read this topic again to see where I was falling and I found it. I'm using my eyes like a pencil,focusing on border lines than at inside...how I could see better using my eyes like this? People with good vision just look to an point that call's more interest.
Now,how I'm going to have interest in everything I look ?

One way of being interested is by wondering about the details before you look at it. It gets impossibly boring if your mind isn't active. You have to have some kind of curiosity to activate your interest, even if you have to keep inventing things to be curious enough about for it to work.