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Rebuild Your Vision Program - FIAT2LUX - 02-10-2012

Hello Folks,

I found this method online and am curious what you guys think about its possible effectiveness.

Currently I know for a fact that vision can be improved, and how as well as how long seems to vary from one to another. So, for you folks who have actually made significant improvement (over one diopter according to an eye care professional) or have improved from worse than 20/150 to better than 20/70, if you will, please review and post your thoughts on the idea from what you see at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.improve-vision-naturally.com">http://www.improve-vision-naturally.com</a><!-- m -->.


Re: Rebuild Your Vision Program - blwegrzyn - 02-10-2012

it is mostly based on exercises like:
palming, 3cups, wide open eyes, eye massage, bead strings, muscle massage, relaxation

so approach looks a little more towards exercises then relaxation, but for some it worked