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Succes! - Skywalker - 02-14-2012


Today I've been at doctor's due to army qualification (each 19 years old must be qualified if they're able to serve in army). He checked my eyesight and said that my right eye is -0,9 and left eye -0,6. So it seems i have IMPROVED! My last year prescription of glasses was -1 at right eye and -0,75 at left. I must add that I was very nervous about this eye test so in it's even great that in stressful conditions my eyesight remained better. Also I must note that my prescription is lowered. At test I had almost year before my true eyesight was something like Left eye:-1,1 or -1,25 and right -0,9 or something. Can't say how happy I am.


Re: Succes! - FIAT2LUX - 02-14-2012

Awesome! Keep it up, eventually under these circumnstances you'll have no correction needed! Way to go!

Re: Succes! - kwj99 - 03-19-2013

What was your methods that you used to achieve this ?