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Chat room at the bottom of your screen - David - 11-05-2012

If you're logged in, there's now a chat toolbar at the bottom of your screen. Up to 25 users allowed with the free version, which is plenty for us right now. There's no voice chat, but I think that's a small tradeoff for potentially getting a lot more people into the chat room regularly with just a single click as they visit the forum.

I'll be removing the other chat room that was located at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.iblindness.org/chat-room.php">http://www.iblindness.org/chat-room.php</a><!-- m -->

Edit: For now I made it available to guests too. We'll see how that goes. Also working on having the same chat room show on the rest of the site, not just the forum. S