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Binaural beats while palming - NickGrouwen - 08-27-2013

So yesterday I've palmed for an hour in the morning and afterwards I noticed a very short lasting but quite pleasant improvement in my eyesight. I could read the top three lines on the Snellen chart whereas before I could barely read the big F.

Has anyone tried using binaural beats while palming? I heard they're supposed to be really good for bringing you in a relaxed state of alpha (and beyond), so would this make palming more effective? I might try it out today ^-^

Re: Binaural beats while palming - NickGrouwen - 08-28-2013

Well it didn't do much for me, I just tried palming using a 1-hour long 11hz beat which is supposed to get you in the alpha state that enhances conscious relaxation but it didn't relax me at all, a little bit here and there but not enough. The results weren't as good as palming quietly like I did yesterday.

Maybe binaural beats are not for me

Re: Binaural beats while palming - clarknight - 08-28-2013

Is this by Robert Monroe/ Monroe Institute; http://www.monroeinstitute.org/


Re: Binaural beats while palming - NickGrouwen - 09-02-2013

I've tried various different beats in the past week, including Monroe, but it did nothing for me :-[

Ah well, I found a new technique that I'm trying out right now (Trataka/candle gazing), I'll report on that later this week Smile

Re: Binaural beats while palming - Qlue - 09-02-2013

Mindfulness meditation, focusing on breath, and vipassana (<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.dhamma.org">www.dhamma.org</a><!-- w -->) works to get me into a relaxed state very quickly. But I've been meditating since 2010, so I have developed the skill and get into a deep relaxed state within a few minutes.

Binural beats work for me too, I use them for other stuff like self-hypnosis.