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Excessive convergence? - Daniel - 09-30-2013

I was just reading the Power Vision Forum, and it was said that if you bring something too close to your eyes, you will converge excessively, thus it is better for high myopes to wear reduced glasses than nothing at all. Of course, there are practical reasons for wearing minus glasses of some strength when you're really nearsighted, but this is the first time I've heard that it's actually better for vision improvement.

I do see what they mean about excessive convergence, since my eyes tend to diverge when I look at something up close. But is such divergence, or extra convergence, bad?

Re: Excessive convergence? - clarknight - 09-30-2013

Learn to use NO eyeglasses. Do not use the Power Vision System; its the Plus Lens Method that causes cataract, detached retina and other eye, vision problems.

Eye stretching and other methods are also not the Bates Method.

When you look at ANY distance with relaxation, learn to shift, blink relax... as Dr. Bates teaches; the mind, eyes will relax, eyesight will be clear.
It will not harm your eyes, vision to look at any distance in this way.

Reading fine print as Dr. Bates describes is the natural, safe alternative to the harmful Plus Lens method advised by the power vision system.

There's is a fine print article in here somewhere; <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.cleareyesight.info/naturalvisionimprovementoriginalandmodernbatesmethod/id118.html">http://www.cleareyesight.info/naturalvi ... id118.html</a><!-- m -->

Just search for more.

Re: Excessive convergence? - Daniel - 10-01-2013

So when I read up close and find my eyes diverging, would it be better just to let them stay diverged, and read with one eye, or should I make them converge?

Re: Excessive convergence? - clarknight - 10-01-2013

Hi Daniel;

I am not familiar with your situation or forgot. Your saying the eyes diverge outward when looking close when they should be converging?

One thing glasses do is lower the eyes ability natural converge, diverge, accommodate, un-accommodate. Reading fine print without glasses can bring the eyes back to perfect, equal, coordinated movement.

Please state entire condition, symptoms and in a day I will get back to you and try to list a few things to correct this. You may have some books that might help.
Have you tried the switching on 3 different objects placed at 3 different close distances? 'Correct vision habits card'. Shifting on close small objects.

I want to figure why one eye is diverging. Is that eye less clear? Don't read with one eye all the time because it will imbalance the system. You can occasionally practice reading fine print with one eye at a time; left, then right, left, then right. then both together. That will keep a balance. Eventually you wont need this occasional practice; vision will remain clear, equal movement, clarity in both eyes.

I promise to get back to this soon. Make a list of all conditions. please.

Re: Excessive convergence? - Nancy - 10-01-2013

Daniel, some people's eyes naturally converge, some people's naturally diverge. You can find out which camp you're in if you take off your glasses and have a friend watch what your eyes do then, go out or in. The healthy eye wants to be able to do both when needed for the task at hand. We converge when we look close, diverge when we look in the distance. As Clark points out, glasses interfere with this automatic natural movement.

If you're converging too much when you look close like for reading, you could be holding the book too close or your glasses could be too strong for the close task. Using only one eye to read is not a good idea, as it interferes with the eyes working together (teaming). Teaming is an important visual habit you want to pay attention to: are you using both of your eyes to look, at all distances?

If your eyes are diverging when you look up close, it just means they are more comfortable diverging than continuing to converge, not that it's necessarily "bad". Give your eyes what they need to be comfortable, while gently stretching them in the direction of discomfort, just like you'd stretch a tight muscle to increase flexibility. You wouldn't just work around it (it would just get tighter), or yank on it (you'd get an injury).

How do your eyes feel, and how do they perform for you? Being diagnosed with a condition or given a label (Oh no, I have the dreaded EC or Excessive Convergence!) does not help and often gets in the way of healing any problem. Only you can say if something is a problem for you. Don't give your power away to some book or doctor or even a well-meaning teacher.

Re: Excessive convergence? - lou_deg - 10-01-2013

It's natural, not excessive, for the eyes to converge when looking near. However, it would be tiring to focus on near objects for long periods. That is what some say causes school myopia. If you can increase the font size, then you can step back some.

Re: Excessive convergence? - clarknight - 10-03-2013


I can give you PDF e-books if you want more information.

Maybe some work with left, right brain hemisphere stuff will get the eyes moving together, perfect sight in each eye.

There is definitely some one or more things you can do to correct this.