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How to "increase" palming effect? - Yankes - 10-13-2013


I recently discovered the real power of the palming exercise. By the way, so called "Bates speciallists" told me that it is just "trying to see a perfect black" or they didn't mention to do palming at all. lol

But coming back to the topic.

After I finish my 15 minutes of palming I almost always have a flash of a noticeably better vision and I can feel less strain in my eyes but then after half a minute I can feel my strain coming back and I can do nothing to stop it and then I finish where I was before.

So the question is how to extend the palming effect? Will just doing it continuosly help or am I supposed to do something else?

Thanks in advance.

Re: How to "increase" palming effect? - Nancy - 10-13-2013

Doing palming more will help more, yes, but it sounds like your automatic unhelpful habits of using your eyes and brain to see are coming back on-line pretty quickly after you stop the palming session and open your eyes. Observe yourself, like a curious child: how am I straining my vision, without even realizing that I am was doing so? Do you notice any tension creeping in, maybe around your eyes or in your forehead or even in your shoulders or neck, that had gone away when you were palming? See if you can let this tension melt away. Also, don't "test" your vision as soon as you stop palming. Just enjoy whatever you see!

RE: How to "increase" palming effect? - Yankes - 10-12-2015

Yes this is what i needed to hear. I recently totally re-thought the concept behind palming and i'm currently testing it. Thank you a lot for your insight, Nancy!