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New site is live as of Nov 14, 2013 - David - 11-14-2013


I just launched the new website. It replaces the old site. It has been a few months in the making.
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There may be some dead links here and there, so I will be watching the logs to find errors or old pages that are still appearing.

The site is basically driven by the new blog. I have added a couple longtime forum members as the first guest blog authors on the site. They will be making all kinds of posts about vision improvement. I will soon open it up to lots more members who are interested in blogging about their vision improvement progress or sharing any other thoughts about vision improvement. The site gets more traffic than any new blog you would create at Blogger or other sites, so you can get a lot of eyeballs on your posts. I will make another announcement about that when I'm ready. I'm still working out some details.

So check out the new site. You can upvote/downvote blog posts and post comments. I will add or modify features as more people get involved and as people share suggestions for what would make the site a better experience.

This forum is NOT affected and runs as a totally separate system.

I may add the live chat room (the bottom right of this page) on the rest of the site too. But the current (free) chat room was already maxing out to a full room, so for now I just have it on forum pages. With the increased traffic this new site will bring I will need to upgrade the chat room if I'm going to have it on the whole site.

Thank you everyone for being part of this great forum, and I hope this will start to make the site a more fun and useful experience and bring more people in.

Re: New site is live as of Nov 14, 2013 - Nancy - 11-14-2013

THANK YOU for all your hard work! Let's hope we get the natural vision improvement message out to a lot more people now.