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RE: Pass the Drivers License Exam; Practice at home - Daniel - 03-25-2014

(03-17-2014, 07:56 PM)arocarty Wrote: Some states allow those with less than 20/40 and other medical conditions to drive under certain conditions without corrective lenses. These laws have been around for a looong time, so if it was a real issue or concern, surely something would have changed. It's not recovering myopes on the medical boards setting the standards, it's many medical professionals.

As I've noted before, the law is ultimately made by lawmakers, who are elected by the people. Just because there's a real concern doesn't mean the law is going to change. For example, epileptics are usually allowed to drive if they haven't had a seizure too recently. This is still dangerous, especially if they drive a lot, yet the law allows it.

(03-17-2014, 07:56 PM)arocarty Wrote: The people to be concerned about are those under influence of drugs and alcohol, and worse, now, those not paying attention to the road because of irresponsible texting, talking and being distracted by their smart phones. If someone has a concern, that's where they should focus their energy and complaints, not on long established visual standards.

That there are such drivers on the road is all the more reason not to compromise your own driving in any way.

RE: Pass the Drivers License Exam; Practice at home - lou_deg - 03-26-2014

(03-17-2014, 06:42 AM)clarknight Wrote: See License below.
Only thing I regret is the ugly picture.
Clarknight, what are you talking about, you took a nice picture.
The posts are getting too personal and meaningless. I think you just need to give a bigger smile on the next photo. Big Grin