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RE: The SECRET for vision improvement - Ricky - 08-22-2014

(08-22-2014, 06:54 AM)johnmadden Wrote: I've got -2 in both eyes, my right eye seems weaker now though. Do I do this one eye at a time, with a fixed time limit. Like 30 mins on the right eye and 30 on the left? Or can i do both eyes at the same time as it is more convenient

If your right eye is significantly weaker I would practice with the right eye only at first. If the difference is very minor you can practice with both eyes at a time 1 hour a day.

RE: The SECRET for vision improvement - sleepmaster - 08-22-2014

The question of one eye being weaker than another is something I've had to grapple with myself.

When I had my initial vision drop, my weaker eye dropped more than my stronger eye to where they both became the same. I did lots of looking down at the ground then looking into the distance alternating glancing outside, moving my head up and down slightly instead of my eyes. Down-straightahead-down-straightahead-down, etc. At most a second for each one.

My belief is that the long swings side to side are better when the eyes are equal, or at least under half a diopter difference between them. When the differences between the eyes are more than that, I prefer the alternating glancing I described, which forces your eyes to work together more by virtue of the "swing" being vertical(up and down) in the center of your field of vision.

I don't like covering an eye with your hand when reading the snellen or anything else for that matter. After being balanced for a little while, one of my eyes is now .25 weatker and every time I cover my stronger eye with my hand, it always seems to weaken the vision in my stronger eye just a tad. So I either close my strong eye or iif U use my hand, I cover it for only a second at a time.