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chronic tension & disease - AlkalineWater7 - 06-14-2014

Ive been thinking about this for a while, but can chronic tension from myopia manifest into other deadlier diseases like cancer, arthritis or diabetes? I think it could because tension on top of chronic tension can wear the body out and succumb it to break down faster.

RE: chronic tension & disease - Nancy - 06-15-2014

I think chronic tension manifests as myopia in some, as arthritis in others, as diabetes in others. The body likes to be relaxed, and gently challenged, not in a constant state of strain. My opinion, so feel free to disagree.

RE: chronic tension & disease - AlkalineWater7 - 06-16-2014

What condition out of those 3 requires the most tension to manifest? Why are the conditions different for each person? Is it some kind of emotional/mental connection between a certain part of the body and the person?

RE: chronic tension & disease - wtfgod - 06-16-2014

I don't think tension causes disease directly, it's more like chronic tension inhibits your immune system, then your body with it's weak immune system is more susceptible to disease or inflammation.