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Google Plus Community - David - 08-13-2014

Mohammad on Facebook suggested that Google Plus Communities are an easier way to interact, so I started up a Natural Vision Improvement community:


Join and post!

I created an Imagination Blindness page on Google Plus too, but I think the Community above is where the action is going to be.

So as you can see I'm still learning all this. I'll start promoting it on the website too, like I'm doing for Facebook. After a while we'll see what's engaging people more. For a situation like ours where there's not a ton of posts, I'm wondering whether it will work better than this forum, because it can bring in a lot of other Google Plus people. But I don't know, just speculation.

RE: Google Plus Community - Nancy - 08-13-2014

Great! The more people see this information, the better. I just posted my most recent blog article there. Is it OK to have duplication with the blog posts here on iblindness? If not, feel free to remove it. I live to learn!

RE: Google Plus Community - David - 08-13-2014

Yeah, that's great. You can even repost the whole text of your blog posts here on the forum if you want. I might start doing that.

RE: Google Plus Community - David - 08-17-2014

Ok, I started promoting the Google+ Community on the homepage and new menu. We need more people to join!

RE: Google Plus Community - clarknight - 08-27-2014

I notice no plus lens, ect. allowed on your Google Hangouts Community. Nice! A safe healthy place for people to learn, share their experiences.

Might pop on when I catch up on recent work.

You know there's the Google Videos hangouts connected with the GooglePlus. You can watch a YouTube video, or upload one right to the hangouts or record one live to the hangouts, see video from other members on the timeline, chat with typing or audio/video on a different timeline with 1 or more people; with all these features showing, running at the same time!

Thanks David.