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posotive lenses - naruto - 04-26-2007

Hi I have a question. I have used the plus lenses sometimes to read books and I noticed that in the morning my eyesight is like 20/100. Good news my eyesight is 20/300 about two months ago it was 20/400. I noticed I seen blurry with my glasses. I thought I was going blind and the doctor was like cool and I should keep doing what I am doing. Should I wear the positive lenses when I read. Are there any techniques that you guys do. I only know like three sunning palming and tracking.

Re: posotive lenses - otis - 04-27-2007

Dear Friend,

Since you mention plus-lens, I would suggest reading:

<!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.myopiafree.com">http://www.myopiafree.com</a><!-- w -->

since I support that method.

The "plus" is not a proper discussion for "Imagination