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Heroes - harold08 - 08-02-2008

Its the best tv series for me except for Friend of course. I love the show, and i cant wait for season 3 on september Smile Anyone else here who watches it ?

Re: Heroes - Jason - 08-04-2008

I do!!! omg I LOVE that show, it's actually the only TV show that I watch! I'm so excited for season 3! ;D

Re: Heroes - harold08 - 08-05-2008

Hey if u want, i can tell u wot happens in epidsode 1 season 3 lol all of it. But there is a video on youtube where someone sneaked and filmed the first 14mins of epidsode ( bad quality cos only like half of the screen)


Re: Heroes - aurum-femina - 08-05-2008

I love the show! I keep forgetting to tune in a lot of the time, so I'm a little bit lost on the story. I'll just have to see if Blockbuster has the DVDs. :)

Re: Heroes - harold08 - 08-13-2008

Who do you think is the hottest actress? Hayden Panettiere lol Smile second is Ali Larter

Re: Heroes - harold08 - 09-28-2008

yes season 3 Smile