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How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - Otter - 08-14-2008

Answer the title.

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - Ram - 08-14-2008

Not that I know of. Would be interested in knowing the answer. An option would be to remove the tooth.. Big Grin

Anyway cavities must be promptly attended to. I ignored a few of them for years and ended up needing root canal treatment. It can give you much more pain than you bargained for. Pain from infected cavities is unbelievable - you feel like you want to cut off your whole head.

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - itsme - 08-15-2008

I don't think you can (At least I have never heard) and I don't think there's anything you can do to reverse one once
you already have one.. too bad, huh? Sad

I do know that to prevent further ones, you can:
1. take a daily probiotic formula (to improve gut flora),
2. take minerals (like kelp is good source) to achieve a perfect PH balance in the whole body, including saliva.
3. rince with 3% hydrogen peroxide (it removes all plaque and whitens teeth naturally)
4. rince or drink some water every time after you eat, so that the acidity of the food doesn't erode your enamel.

I've been following this regime for about 2-3 years and it seems to be the best preventative. Of course it is not 100% proof
but it helps a lot.

Regards, Itsme Smile

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - Ram - 08-15-2008

I brush my teeth four times now, ever since the RCT. Since then my teeth appear stable. I also use a special herbal toothpaste.

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - helenacampbell - 12-19-2008

Actually, I've been trying this and I think teeth can be remineralized. It's not easy, and I haven't had that much success, but here's what to do.
Although one of my black cavities has now cleared a bit, and become brown. I think it's healing.
1. Probiotics are good, of course.
2. Oil pulling. It will pull out toxins and things from your mouth, cleaner so that the cavities can start to clean themselves up. Buy unrefined sesame seed oil, or cold-pressed sunflower oil.
3. Rinse with salt water (sea salt! preferably filtered water). This will alkalinize the mouth, make it less acidic.
4. Toothpaste is very dangerous! You want glycerin free toothpaste. I have Eco-Dent, which is a tooth powder. I've also made my own by mixing baking soda, sea salt, and dried peppermint. You put a little hydrogen peroxide on your brush and then spoon the powder on. The baking soda/salt thing is quite cheap to make, and extremely good for your health.
5. Raw milk is good, but hard to get. I've drank it before, but not so often. Pasteurized milk won't really help. I drink kefir made from pasteurized milk at times.
6. Bone broth, instead of milk. You get a bone, use a crock pot and you can add other vegetables if you like. Heat it up for a day or so (can also be done on stove but you need to be careful). Freeze if you want the fat to congeal out, then remove the fat (to use or throw out--I recommend using it). Then you've got broth that you can drink as-is or use as a base for soup/stew. I make bone broth sometimes. Lamb broth is quite delicious, as is fish head broth. Also good if you have milk intolerance issues, for to get the proper amount of calcium/magnesium.
7. You can eat liver. I eat lamb's liver. If you're not a liver eater, and this disgusts you, just look at the first 6 things.

There's a lot more things you can do, however that's a good start. Please ask me if you have any questions. I'd actually like to start working on this more again.
You may also want to get a supportive dentist who won't drill into your mouth first thing.

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - itsme - 12-21-2008

Your suggestions are very good Helena! I used to oil pull but stopped for some odd reason. I'd like start again as
I found it very beneficial to my gums and teeth. About 2 months ago I started taking 1 tablespoon of
Unsulphured Blackstrap Molasses and drinking it down with 1 teaspoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in water 3x day.
Very shortly afterward I noticed that the small pit of decalcification I had on one tooth began filling in! I was really amazed because I had always taken cal/mag supplements with the hopes of this happening! It just goes to show you that a natural bioavailable food source of calcium, mag, potassium and etc is the best absorbed. Yes, teeth can be remineralized!

Regards, Its Smile me

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - clarknight - 12-21-2008

You can learn everything on this site!
My dentist trys to sell xrays every 6 months just for cleaning.
I'm fat from eating too much chocolate so told her I am pregnant this last visit to get out of xrays.

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - itsme - 12-22-2008

I really dislike dentists and find their whole approach just wrong.. Those tools that they use
actually give you holes/cavities and root canals are very dangerous. That's why I try to stay
away as much as possible. I forgot to mention Magnesium Oil. This is great stuff. You can bathe in it,
gargle/brush your teeth with it, massage it into your body. With Magnesium you can only take so
much internally (and not as much as we need) and then you get diahrrea. With the Mag Oil or Gel there is
about 1752 mg in 1 teaspoon. For teeth and gums it's supposed to grow and strengthen enamel and also
heal absecesses. Also supposed to whiten teeth and make them glow. This is a very good website on
Magnesium Oil: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://life-enthusiast.com/index/Education/Magnesium">http://life-enthusiast.com/index/Education/Magnesium</a><!-- m -->

On the subject of Eyes.. I found something yesterday while researching Mag Oil this testimonial. Very interesting.
I might try this to see if it has any effect. Right now I am waiting for my bottle of Dr. Christopher's cayenne
eyebright eyewash. I have decided to switch for a while from n-acetylcarnosine to this and compare results.


The Oblique muscle actually loops around the eye through a loop of tissue under the forehead. Its purpose is obviously not to orient the eye as in training on an object, but to actually squeeze the eye like a belt around a water balloon. This gentle squeezing produces a tiny, less than a millimeter change in the length of the eye and actually lengthens it for near focusing. A nearsighted person has chronic partial spasms in this muscle so it never completely releases. Therefore the eye is always configured for near vision. Nearsighted people often have pain above the eye under the eyebrow due to this tension and stress. Conversely, a farsighted person sometimes experiences pain in the temples where some of the Oblique muscles underlie. Hypertonic Oblique muscles reflexively inhibit the Oblique muscle and the eye is always predisposed to distant vision and eventually due to lack of innervations, the Oblique muscle becomes more and more useless.

After reading about unwinding spasms with Magnesium Oil, I diluted a little in an eyedropper bottle until the salinity was neutral to my tears and comfortably dropped it into my eyes. The effect is subtle, but I experienced some of my best distant vision (my challenge is nearsightedness) a day after using the drops for two days.

Sam Patterson

Regards, Its Smile me

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - itsme - 12-22-2008

erg... I wanted to edit my recent post and the 'edit' button does not appear anywhere ? ???
OK, anyway, Smile I found a good article below on Magnesium Oil and Teeth. The website this
article belongs to is at : <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.productdescriptions.info/MagnesiumOilGel.aspx">http://www.productdescriptions.info/Mag ... ilGel.aspx</a><!-- m -->
which is I think is a lot more reader friendly than the one I first gave. Very very interesting info.
If I don't post anymore before Christmas, I wish everyone a Wonderful Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2009.
Thanks for this forum!
Regards Its Smile me

Magnesium for Healthy Bones & Teeth

Medical authorities claim that the widespread incidence of osteoporosis and tooth decay in western countries can be prevented with a high calcium intake. However, published evidence reveals that the opposite is true. Asian and African populations with a very low intake of about 300 mg of calcium daily have very little osteoporosis. Bantu women with an intake of 200 to 300 mg of calcium daily have the lowest incidence of osteoporosis in the world. In western countries with a high intake of dairy products the average calcium intake is about 1000 mg. The higher the calcium intake, especially in the form of cows' milk products (except butter) the higher the incidence of osteoporosis.

Calcium, magnesium and phosphorus levels are kept in a seesaw balance by the parathyroid hormones. If calcium goes up, magnesium goes down and vice versa. With a low magnesium intake, calcium goes out of the bones to increase tissue levels, while a high magnesium intake causes calcium to go out of the tissues into the bones. A high phosphorus intake without a high calcium or magnesium intake causes calcium to leach from the bones and leave the body with the urine. A high phosphorus intake with high calcium and magnesium leads to bone mineralisation.

Dr Barnett, an orthopaedic surgeon practised in two different U.S. counties with very different soil and water mineral levels. In Dallas County with a high calcium and low magnesium concentration osteoporosis and hip fractures were very common, while in Hereford with high magnesium and low calcium these were nearly absent. In Dallas County the magnesium content of bones was 0.5% while in Hereford it was 1.76%. In another comparison the magnesium content in bones of osteoporosis sufferers was 0.62% while in healthy individuals it was 1.26%.

The same applies for healthy teeth. In a New Zealand study it was found that caries-resistant teeth had on average twice the amount of magnesium as caries-prone teeth. The average concentration of magnesium phosphate in bones is given as about 1%, in teeth about 1.5%, in elephant tusks 2% and in the teeth of carnivorous animals made to crush bones it is 5%. In regard to the strength of bones and teeth think of calcium as chalk and of magnesium as superglue. The magnesium superglue binds and transforms the chalk into superior bones and teeth.

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - helenacampbell - 12-28-2008

Does anybody also know about the effectiveness of popping out fillings that have already been made? I want to get some magnesium oil now, of course. I tried getting oil for oil pulling but could only find toasted sesame oil, which I don't think works quite as well. I've heard of a tooth remineralizing so much that the extra tooth material pops out the filling. This would be great for me--I'd be willing to get them refilled with the plastic stuff. Right now I have mercury fillings and I want them removed because I'm afraid of the poisoning. I tried to get a dentist to do it but they were quite cruel to me and I didn't want to go back to them Sad

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - clarknight - 12-29-2008

I got rid of the mercury fillings, now am worry about the chemicals in plastic fillings.
Pure gold better?
Are there natural 'rock or shell like' materials?

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - clarknight - 12-29-2008

Great posts itsme!!
I love magnesium.
Buying some from that site you mentioned next week.
Sleep soooooo gooood!

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - itsme - 12-29-2008

Hi Clark & Helena! Oh, I hope you haven't ordered yet?! I did some more research and found that the best Mag Oil is the 'Ancient Minerals' brand. This one takes the mag oil from the pristine ancient Zechstein seabed in Germany/France.
Here's a link to it..
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.ancient-minerals.com/?gclid=CPTKwv6M55cCFRg6awodjBJWCw">http://www.ancient-minerals.com/?gclid= ... awodjBJWCw</a><!-- m -->
You might want to do a bit more research to see if that is indeed the best/ cheapest price !

Please note that if you use the Mag Oil you MUST use it frequently and daily for about 4-5 weeks until your
cellular levels of magnesium go up. By using it, I mean taking daily footbaths or full bodybaths and spraying
your entire body with it. If you just like spray 1x a day, or massage it into 1 area of your body 1x a day, it will
not have any effect on you.. Please do your own research and see that it is not harmful and you can't overdue.
I think the only person it wouldn't be good for is those who have kidney disease. You can also check out the Magnesium Forum on curezone.com and see some testimonials there.

Re: fillings.. I got rid of my mercury fillings too. It was with an environmental dentist.. We all had to wear these
space suit looking hats and coats..it was kind of scary LOL But from what I read now the white composites have
some mercury in them too, and of course other chemicals.. Sad I just don't know if you can get away from this. I
have always wanted to go to a Holistic dentist but they are soo expensive.. It would be interesting to know
what they use though !! I guess best preventative is to try to not get any more cavities.. :-\

I HAVE heard of fillings popping out, from cavities filling in, on curezone. That sounds very awesome, however I'm just a little on the sceptical side!? Maybe I shouldn't be after seeing my own decalcification pits fill in... Helena's endorsement of Ecodent toothpowders are very good (except for the SLS ). Helena, as for oil pulling - do you have access to purchase Coconut oil? This is what i used to use and some people on curezone use it too..

Please let me know of your opinions re: Magnesium Oil. I'd really like to hear.. Smile I am expecting my shipment this week
and will report any health benefits as I see them.

I got Dr. Christopher's Cayenne/Eyebright eyewash today. I will use it 2x a day and if I see any major improvements
in my eyesight I will report it as well. I'm really looking to get rid of the scarring on right cornea.. it's supposed to grow
new tissues. Clark, I never did find the section to your link where Bates refers to what to do about scarring.. Sad If it's not too much trouble, could you please forward me directly to the page.. I just couldn't find it and I'm still interested in reading it.thanks.

Regards, Its Smile me

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - clarknight - 12-30-2008

To itsme
I have been typing the old scans of better eyesight magazines and i cant remember where i saw the story of the healed cornea scar.
You can download a free PDF of my Book with some Better eyesight mags attached, plus other Bates... books.
Then do word search;
conical cornea
opacity of the cornea
See mar 1921, may 1924, sept 1927, feb 1930 but that story is in a different chapter,I think.
Bates cured cornea scars using the methods in Better eyesight mags; palming, sunning, perfect memory/imagination only by no effort, no strain, shifting... central fixation supposed be great help.
Another person gave me these mags and they still need more spell checks and some mags are missing in these years; 1925, 27, 28, 29. I made this to help the people that email me so often.
Less emails now so i guess it works.
When all complete, a free upgrade is available.

Thanks for the new magnesium info.
Darn dentists!! Mercury still in the white fillings! I said no mercury 2 times!
Our world is so messed up! Coruption everywhere, even our doctors.
Maybe in the future, things will be better, got to stay positive!

Re: How to naturally fill in cavities without fillings - itsme - 12-31-2008

Hi Clark. Ok, thank you! I am doing most of those Bates methods already (except for sunning 8) - we have very little in the winter here) so I will just keep doing that and with incorporating my cayenne a la herbs eyewash, I've gotta have success !!
I am very determined.. I never listen to what doctors say.. they are right, medicine will only take you so far..and it is not my God. ;D

I bought some of that Ecodent that Helena mentioned (thank you Helena). I really like it because it has no glycerin in it. This is supposed to be bad for teeth because the glycerin coats the teeth and then your teeth cannot be remineralized. The Ecodent
I have contains all the minerals (Cal, Mag, Silica etc) and has some added bacterial enzymes and hydrogen peroxide.
My teeth have never felt quite so polished and they are very white ! Once I start again with gargling with the
Magnesium Oil (should get my new shipment today) I will get my teeth's enamel very hard and this will help it to be even more resistant to cavities.Of course a good diet is very very important.

Talk to you all later.
Its Smile me