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The use of positive lenses
Hi Itsme,
Thanks for all the information you have given me so far. First of all, when I stop with the Cordyceps I am going to try Milk Thistle. I have to say that Cordyceps didn't do anything to my floaters so far but I am completely allergy free which is not bad and they seem to build up your immune system which I need quite badly. Then I am also going to try Weleda's Hepatodoron which helped someone in the workshop quite well. By the way, in case you want to read some information about the workshop and the private lesson I had last Friday please visit my site: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> . I still have to post some more information and the information about floaters. The thing is that I try to stay away from the computer as much as I can. And, of course you are welcome to join us in case you feel that it might be useful for you!

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