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Oxygen Depletion in the Eyes
I came across this interesting morsal of a paragraph from <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> (sells eye tea). Worth pondering?
Regards, Its Smile me


Works by accelerating regeneration of retinol purple (visual purple) which is required for good eyesight. Improves circulation in the blood vessels of the eye, helps maintain the integrity of capillaries, stabilizes collagen, and stimulates the production of rhodopsin, essential for night vision. Slows progression of cataracts when taken with Vitamin E. Bilberry contains anthocyanidins, bluish-pink pigments which are reported to benefit visual acuity as well as prevent the occurrence of glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, etc. Bilberry increases oxygen to the eye tissues.

The eyes require 8 times for oxygen that other body cells. Therefore, if the brain receives less oxygen than it needs, the first place this condition is revealed is in the eyes. The eyes are more sensitive to oxygen depletion that the rest of the body. Bilberry According to "Ohashi's Book on Oriental Diagnosis", eyes are believed to supply sixty percent of the information you receive about a person's current physical condition. The reason being, the eye is directly connected to the brain via the optic nerve, and it will reveal the condition of the nervous system and the brain. When the nervous system or brain is injured in some way, the eyes change. At the very least, the eyes lose clarity and alertness; at worse, they may lose the ability of sight. The brain requires 30 times more oxygen than other body cells and cayenne aids in bringing oxygen to the eyes.
I like the blue and purple color text your using.
Really brightens up the page and sets a good mood.
Bilberry fresh is best.
Dried ok but avoid nitrites, sulfites and other chemicals used by some companies for cleaning, preservation.

I find the bilberry capsules in powder form is good; I buy both the dark red and the purple powder. I open a capsule and make red/purple bilberry water.
30 minutes and night vision extra perfect!
Mom's cataracts reversed after Bates method and also takes bilberry occasionally.
Pilots ate bilberry jam in World War 2 before flying for clear night vision.
I've heard conflicting stories about the WW2 thing. Some say it was a red herring for their enemies, to hide the fact that they came out with a new radar.

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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
As Johnny Carson says; Weird, Wild! Where did you hear that?
Clark, It would be great to eat fresh bilberries ,but I have never seen them around my parts...
Where do you buy your bilberry powder? What brand? curious.
How awesome your mom reversed her cataracts..that's fantastic. Was her eyedoctor in shock? Big Grin
I've got my mom on the eyewash, but she laready has a scheduled cataract surgery at the end of this month.. Not very
much time, but hey, you never know! Wink
I have heard of pilots using bilberry during WW2, but red herring.. hmmm...maybe that was where the omega 3's came in ?

Regards,Its Smile me
clarknight Wrote:As Johnny Carson says; Weird, Wild! Where did you hear that?

Just here and there. Google: pilots bilberry radar

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"Half of our funny, heathen lives, we are bent double to gather things we have tossed away." - George Meredith
Does your Mom use Bates method?
I got a homeless, older lady doing Bates (shifting) and her cataracts started reversing, she got clear flashes right where the blocked out vision from the cataract was.
Her entire central field was blocked, blind and only the far outer peripheral field had some vision.
I thought she had macula degeneration due to the way she turned her head/eyes to see with her peripheral field.
I taught her to use central fixation, even though central field was unclear.
Her doctor told her to stop using the Bates method, said it wont work and gave her the cataract operation.
Before her operation she kept coming back to me at the railroad tracks (I sold Boston newspaper there for xtra job at tracks) in doubt about the method since her doctor kept discouraging her, but we would practice Bates and she would get clear flashes again.
Was almost blind. One day on the bus she heard a strange sound next to her.
Couldnt see what it was.
Kept looking and used shifting and her entire visial field cleared and she saw that it was knitting needels; the lady in the seat next to her was knitting.
She was very happy to have finally been able to see after months without this normal vision.
She started being able to read the Big C eyechart we posted at the railroad tracks shelter.
If the doctor would of taught her Bates method i think she would of cured the cataracts and not needed the operation.
Instead he sent her to school to learn how to use a cane for the blind and wear strong eyeglasses while waiting for the cataract to grow more so it could be operated on.
At least she knows the Bates method now and she will be able to prevent future vision problems.

I buy my bilberries from vitamin world, and local pharmacy.
It is not pure, organic; I cant afford the good stuff.
I use the dark red and purple from two different brands,and it does bring my vision better than 20/20 day and night.
Vitamin world says its non irradiated and has a few natural... statements on the bottle and is low cost.
Their herbs work and are a good price.
Hi Clark. Unfortunately, my mom will not do Bates, but maybe if she was YOUR mom she would, as you are a teacher!
I am lucky, though, that my mom is at least willing to do the Cayenne a la herbs Eyewash. She's doing it
3x a day now. It'll be interesting to see if it will have made a difference when she sees the eye surgeon at the end of the month!

That is, certainly, a very encouraging & amazing story of how you helped the blind woman to see. I hope she is still
continuing what you've taught her. That is empowering.

Thanks for the website name of your Bilberry purchases ! I've already looked it up and I think I will try it, in light that you've had good experience with their products!

Regards, Its Smile me
It was difficult to teach that lady.
She has a mental impairment, but in her own way, she understood it.
I had to bribe her at first with $20.00 to get her to practice.

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