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Here is my dilemma...
Hey everyone, I am brand new to this forum. I came across it browsing the internet. Here is my situation. I am 21 years old right now and it has been my dream my whole life to be a Naval Aviator. However, my eyesight pretty much sucks. You are allowed to have PRK laser eye surgery done to correct vision, but the Navy only allows a degree of correction of up to -8 pre operation. My eyesight is like around -10. I am wondering if these natural enhancement things would allow me to improve my vision to where I could get it down to -8 or even a little better than that to have surgery done. It just really sucks that my dream could not work out all because of my eyesight. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated!!
That's why the term "vision improvement" is misleading for this process. You can't bet on reducing your prescription by any amount, nor at stabilizing at any level of lower prescription.

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Laser surgery will destroy your vision.
See the warniings on and links to other sites and the FDA for more warnings.
Have you seen the recent news stories showing the many vision problems people develope from laser cornea surgery?
They showed a variety of vision problems that people have after the surgery, permanent, with increased impairment.
This is the 4th news story (stating laser surgery is dangeroous) I have seen on television in 3 years.
A man was on the news saying how his son committed sucide because his life was so unbearable due to the almost complete blindness caused by laser cornea surgery. Aonther lady was crying because she cannot see to go out at night, cannnot be near any source of light.

Try the Bates method for complete clear vision.
The Bates method has been used to bring many pilots and other military persons vision to clear, able to pass the vision test.
I give free books that teach the Bates method. They have stories about pilots vision and cures.
Please try this instead of laser surgery.
Think of your future, your quality of life. Dont be fooled into believing the side effects of laser and other cornea surgeries dont happen, they do and often! THey hide thihs truth.
You can receive the book download by E-Mail and print your own book and read on computer.
Send me a E-mail.
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Hi BlueAngel

I agree with Clark Night. Shoot higher and improve your eyesight to 20/20 without surgery by using the Bates method. With daily practice you may improve your eyesight rapidly. No one can tell you how long it will take, probably anywhere from 6 months to 5 years depending on how well you understand it. Find a teacher in your area to speed up progress.

I started with -8.00 glasses and can now regularly wee 20/50. Remember that the fractions of visual accuity don't correspond to diopters of glasses needed!

I keep a blog of everything I've done, maybe it can help you (link below). Mostly, I recommend reading Dr. Bates's original book and magazines. But don't just read it, demonstrate for yourself what he writes to see what works for you.

Best of luck,

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