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Rebuild Your Vision program - a scam
Hmmm...I was planning on buying either Rebuild Your Vision or Unleash Your Vision by Evgania Miller. Now after perusing this site, I realize everything we need is actually free. These guys are just trying to organize this free info, change a few things to make it look original (e.g. palming being called 'dark night' or something lol) and charging a price.

I like this forum a lot and seeing people so intent on recovering their sight is so motivational for me.
For everyones reference, I'm not a vision expert, and would request a few people that are long time members here confirm this information...since few of us newbies know who Bates is, or what his method is, I searched this out and found this:

*since I'm a new user, I cannot post URLs, I found the following site with the last part as the URL
Here's what a member of our FB group had to say about this program.

Quote:I followed this program for six months. I did an eye exam after the first 3o days and there was improvement in my vision. I then continued for five more months with no good results. I stopped it then. The program told me to do techniques/exercises for 25 minutes every day, which I did very faithfully and even more time than it is required by the program. I emailed them telling them that it didn't work and they said I should apply the relaxation techniques more (The program has eye exercises too, not just relaxation). I thought it made sense as I didn't relax a lot. So there are two sides to this; I don't remember if I skipped everything and just focused on the exercises at that time (in this case, it will be my mistake), but I blame them for not emphasizing clearly what to expect. When I followed it, it sounded to me that if I follow those things for 25 minutes daily, my vision would be back.
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