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PLEASE answer this ~ Plus Lense ~ how to use it
I've recently been reading up on the PLUS LENSE and MYOPIA sites and I am convinced that it works.

I have found some old +2.50 lenses that were used by a relative.... although they are dirty, I can clean them Smile . I would like to use them to improve my distance vision.

Would +2.50 be a good starting point?

How long am I supposed to wear these and for what situations? Do I need to were them all day long or only when I am at up close things?

I am still going to practice the Bates Method as well..

I've read great stories about this Plus Lense Method. I read one about how Mr. de Angelis improved his vision from 20/200 to 20/20.

Wow, this is so weird - I just posted a similar question today. My myopia is worse than yours, but I'm still hopeful.

I've read some pretty bad things about the Plus Lense treatment.....

But then again it should only be used until someone is around 35 years the age for presbyopia.....

Some say just stick to the Bates Method.

But I have read once you get to 20/70 you can start using the Plus Lense therapy.... how long will it take me to get from where I am to 20/70.... I'm hoping soon, but I have to forget about my eyes and relax..... so that is why I am going to double my Bates Method use.....

But I have seen a success story on this kid went from 20/120 to 20/40 in 8 days..... thats a wild improvement......
Dear Friend,
Over the last 100 years BOTH methods have been advocated, i.e., Bates and Prentice.

I would think you would wish to know about both methods -- and use both if you are very serious about clearing your Snellen.

But, before you start ANY METHOD, you should have a medical check -- to make certain you don't have a medical problem.

Once that is done, please down-load this Joel Schnier Snellen:

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Dr. Bates had good luck in helping kids clear their Snellen.

Dr. Prentice had similar success with the plus, from a range of 20/70 or about -1.25 diopters.

Obviously this is a Bates site, but it is good to know of other methods.

Personally, I am wearing a +2.5 diopter lens, and confirm my Snellen at 20/20, and my refractive status is +1/2 diopter.
(That is valuable -- since it is essential for excellent night vision.)



Are there any websites that have images and animations for Plus Lens therapy??

Thanks for any suggestions and help

Take Care all,
I was just reading up on the use of Plus Lenses and Myopia and I've come across some people putting down, and putting Dr. Bates down.... But this is probably just because they can't accept the fact that their business of selling glasses, and surgery could be jeopardized by using the Plus Lens for Myopia or the Bates Method for Myopia, Hyperopia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, and other eye problems (caused by strain).

I am wondering though where can I find testimonials (that aren't made up) and the use of plus lenses, or even where can I find relatively new studies on the Human eye (or any other primates eye) with the plus lenses and myopia.

Thanks for any links, and feedback.


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