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Are Optometrists considered "Bates Teachers"?
I don't know what standards apply here -- as to who is a true Bates teacher.

But here is Dr. Orfield who cleared her vision from about -3.5 diopers (roughly worse than 20/200 -- or "legal blindness") to about -0.25 diotpers (or about 20/25)

That is truly impressive. Here is the link:

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What I like about Dr. Orfield is that she describes HERSELF and the long "fight" to clear her vision.

I am curious about what YOU think of her "Bates" experience.


The article is now at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

If you need to justify your pursuit of vision improvement to someone (such as a parent, teacher, doctor, or even legal authorities), this would be a good thing to show them. I wish I had had it 14 years ago, or better yet 18 years ago when it was published.

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