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I want to see good.
what a cool video I liked that!

sepanto it didnt help you? Keep doing it, relax, breathe, and clarity should come really soon, but probably when you least expect it
I tried close vision, but I have two wierd problems :
1) I'm a bit cross eyed in very short distances.
2) My left eye sees more red color than my right eye.

Any ideas?
Dr. Bates said:

"The cause of any error of refraction, of a squint, or of any other functional disturbance of the eye, is simply a thought - a wrong thought - and the cure is as quick as the thought that relaxes..."

so when did your eyesight first start to blur? how old were you and do you remember anything stressful that may have happened?

I've heard of some people who've regained 20/20 from no exercises, just realizations and insights, maybe your one of those kind of people
Since I remember myself, I have eyeglasses. from about 3 years old.
No special occasion I remember that started my eyesight being bad.
hmmm do you have anything that troubles you on a regular basis? anxiety/anger/guilt ect? Tension from these emotions can store in the eyes-
for example I feel quite anxious when i'm interacting with people sometimes and I notice that I squint and stare as i interact, so i think the tension from this
social anxiety could be a big reason for my unclear vision.

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