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Hi guys,

I've been doing the Bate's method for a year now, with no acuity improvements as of yet. I have "switched on" my right eye again and had an amazing improvement in my peripheral awareness, as well as getting a looser neck. I believe that the reason I originally got prescibed with my prescription in 2007 was due to fatigue and therefore mental strain. I am still in college and still really tired all the time becasue I get up at 06:30 and go to bed at about 23:00 having finished my homework for the next day.

My question is, in my left eye my prescription is -0.25 myopic and my right eye is -0.75 myopic. Do I need to cover up my left eye in order to improve my right eye's acuity first? Also, although it sounds wierd, I fell like I can either choose to see with the front of my eye (which feels normal at the minute) or with the back of it. When I "choose" the back, I can improve my oppositional movement skills remarkably, and in my right eye the acuity improves. Has anyone else felt this? Which should I "choose" ?

Thanks guys

James Smile
Experiment with it -- others may have expertise you don't (yet), but no one knows your body like you do. If seeing from further back helps, keep it up. Peter Grunwald recommends seeing from the upper visual cortex, the part of the brain at the back of your head. Your prescription is so low I'd recommend doing as much as you can without glasses, and maybe occasionally patching the stronger eye.
Hi, thanks

I never wear my glasses and never have. Ill try experimenting and let you know

Thanks Smile

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