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I Passed My Driver's Licence Test
Bob - One reason I'm interested in trying the self-hypnosis method is that it correlates with my hunch that newborn infants who are subjected to neonatal eye antibiotics are somewhat hypnotized into believing that blur fixation is a good or acceptable response to low-level stress (rather than the usual fight or flight responses which the newborn is incapable of), and are thereby imprinted with a post-hypnotic suggestion to that effect. That latent post-hypnotic suggestion creates nearpoint fixation under the stress of education in children and teens who have learned that reading and education are as good as or better than outdoor activities. Maybe self-hypnosis could be used to more quickly dispell that unconscious hypnotic belief in fixated blur as a normal response to such stress. Were there any specific self-hypnosis reference books that you used?


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