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Best Eye models on the web ?
I have found an eye model on the web, do you have a better one ? Please let me know about it in that case:
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It is quite interesting to learn about the complex system of vision, almost from a doctors perspective.
You understand that this system must really be in relaxed balance to work properly.
Disturbance to the mind is something we can just avoid, and then the mind works better,
and this might increase the chances that the mind (that is actually you) controls the vision system in a more balanced way.
So the mind knows all to succed with this, the empirical knowledge is already there in your subconscious, but you need to remove the disturbances (fear, strain, stress, bad food and so on). You need to live like the native people lived, actually, but of course it is not possible to do this, but you can at least always avoid things that you easily understand is counteractive.
I find it as some art, a concept of living, to do this. Big Grin Big Grin

That was just some insights from another perspective.


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