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The simplicity begins
The simplicity begins

So for those of you who just tuned in, we're working on removing glasses from the eyes of everyone in the world and teaching them to see with their own eyes. The basic principles of how to see correctly are not a mystery. They have long since been discovered, probably time and time again over the centuries and eons, and the only thing left is the details. This blog is my perspective.

I recommend that everyone, both new to this process and on their way, to start their own vision blogs at <a href="http//" target="_blank"></a> or <a href="http//" target="_blank"></a>. Your progress, your ideas, and your obstacles. Most importantly for you, the more you post, the more you articulate your perspective in as much detail as possible, the better you will clarify issues for yourself and see better. But also the more fresh web content there is out there in the form of blogs, the more people will find it, and the more people will begin their own. Writing echoes your words long after you have spoken.

My blog  isn't really going to be about me so much as it's going to be about all of us. I have normal vision often enough now that my story is pretty much over. And that's just as well, because I'm a private person and would have trouble writing about myself every day here. So instead, I write about myself in the sense that this is my perspective, having learned this and seeing people struggle with it.

I have got to find a way to communicate the inherent simplicity in all of this. People with normal vision are ignorant of certain details of these methods, but they do things well enough that they keep normal vision. And that's all that's required. They do it perfectly, because they do it well enough. Think about how simple it has to be for so many people in the world to, despite their other shortcomings, have good vision. People with blurry vision might start to do things right, but as soon as they start, as soon as the image doesn't clear up immediately, they react by doing all kinds of weird things that destroy the visual system's process of focusing. It is in stopping those weird things that the answer lies. That's how simple it is. And so people just need to be taught the way to use their eyes, the things to do and - far more numerous - the things to not do. This is one of those things where the answers are right under your nose and you'll keep searching everywhere else for them.

And I'll be posting my thoughts about details of this process, and more people working with this process will begin to write their own blogs, and so on, until these methods become common knowledge. It's only a matter of time.
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