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CF and the superior oblique function thoughts
Hi there,
I lately believe that I have understod that it really matters if you do central fixation (or looking at details method) when looking lateral (outwards) or when looking medial (inwards). The reason is that when the superior oblique muscle tugs it intorts the eye when looking lateral, but when looking medial it turns the eye downwards instead (and do not so much intort the eye). So the direction that you point the eyes towards horizontally matters in this sense. And I think this is also logical because this is what humans have done long time ago when they scanned the horizon for instance.
I think it is important to not always look straight ahead when looking at details, and instead look at details around a point for instance to the left and then change direction and look at details around a point to the right.
It would be interesting if you have some thoughts around this to share ?

I believe this superior oblique muscle is designed in a way that might be a source of much vision problems.

And by the way I forgot to mention in my last post that glasses prevents this more dynamic looking with eyes pointed at different horizontal directions. That is due to the fact that glasses is made for the purpose to see best in the direction to a point right in front of us, and in any other direction you will thus see less clear due to the glasses. That locks the eye into just looking straight ahead when using glasses, and that is why the superior oblique muscle is not used in a natural way. That concerns certainly the other muscles as well, but the superior oblique is the one that suffers most and is causing the vision trouble in the vision control system, at least according to my thoughts that very well might be true.


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