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A little hurddle at Palming
I have found that when I palm usually for 15 to 25 minutes span and immediately I find my eyelids much heavier even I literally need to put voluntarily efforts to lift those up. And as my left eye is a bit more myopic it requires more effort to lift the lid.Now can somebody tell me what does this means? Give your valuable opinions derived from your experiences-Is that a good sign or a bad? And suggest what should be doing instead if I m wrong.Kindly help! :-[
And also as I shift and swing on a Snellen Eye Chart the images do not go clear rather they become narrow and become multiple mirrors on both the sides of the main letter and I am left out with unclear images and paining left eye.
Two thoughts about the palming: 1st, are you getting enough sleep? You might be relaxing yourself enough by palming that your body is now ready for sleep, yet you're fighting it to force it to get up and wake up and be alert after palming, hence the heavy eyes. (And the more strained eye needs sleep and rest even more.)

2nd possibility: you are not coming out of the palming state gently, in a slow easy way to prolong the relaxation, but yanking yourself back to "your normal life" to rush around or worry or do many things at once, and again, your body is wanting more of the relaxed palming state so is fighting you.

About the chart, multiple clearer images is a step forward from one blurry one -- your vision is recalibrating, figuring out what it needs to do to see better. The pain in your left (more strained) eye is yes, straining, not pleasant to feel but good to know. You might be doing the chart for too long at a time without a break (maybe to palm).
Nancy madam thanks a lot for the valuable words.
I almost spent a year with palming as being stated by many that it the most successful technique to relax one's eyes. I did and found no improvement with my eyes.As a soon i used to place my palms place upon my eyes the left eye used to pain and i miss concluded it as a sign of relief of healing and further more the prolonging i do with the same posture(palming) the more it gets strained. But i have resorted to shifting and swing and yes its helping. So I think not everything works with everyone. Lolz.
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Thanks a lot!!

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