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Eyesight fluctuation. Help needed.
Hi everyone. I am 18 years old and quite worried since my vision fluctuates. Sometimes it fluctuates daily, and sometimes after a few days. Last year i bought a new pair of glasses since my prescription had changed. But after about 2 months, I noticed that my 'crystal clear vision; with the new glasses had become a bit blurred. The blurriness then began to get worse and after some months, my vision had quite worsened. But there were some days when i could see almost clearly and that vision would remain for a few days, or rarely weeks,but then it again started to deteriorate. In brief, every new day usually brings a new vision for me. Sometimes that vision is better than the previous day, sometimes the same, and sometimes it becomes better, but that is uncommon. Even when I have the clearest vision, I can't see perfectly clear with my glasses but quite clearly though. I have read that Dr. William Bates discovered that vision fluctuates,sometimes daily and sometimes during the day. Is this true? And will Bates method help me in stabilizing my vision? All your comments and replies will be highly appreciated Smile
In my experience of practising the Bates Method, vision fluctuations are extremely frequent. This is because as I am relearning to see, my old habits and thought patterns are fighting back as well. My vision fluctuates from one moment to the next but is still generally getting better. I never noticed vision fluctuations before discovering the Bates Method, but be encouraged as your experience is proving to you what ought not to be possible according to mainstream understanding.

If you start to practise the Bates Method then be prepared for a bit of a vision roller-coaster plus some strange and uncomfortable sensations around your eyes. Headaches are also likely. All of this is the muscles around your eyes, face, head and neck beginning to get some feeling back and release tension.

It would be a good idea to make a mental note of when your eyesight is poor. Is it during times of stress or frustration, or when you are thinking certain thoughts? Dr Bates said that poor eyesight is a result of mental strain and that the cause of mental strain is a "wrong thought". Again, in my own experience, I can influence the clarity of my eyesight just by thinking certain things.
I used to practice bates method a weeks ago i had gone to the optometrist. And i noticed that i had a minor improvement in my vision. But despite the improvement, my eyesight did not used to fluctuate at that time. But just after i bought new glasses, i noticed that within a month or two my vision had started to become blurry again. Few more months passed and my vision had quite worsened over time and had started fluctuating. I have started to practice bates method now and thankfully, my eyesight hasn't much fluctuated, though there has been some minor fluctuation. My friend had the same problem and he went to an ophthalmologist who gave him some eye drops and within a few weeks, his fluctuation had stopped. Should I also pay a visit to the ophthalmologist or go on with the bates method? I am a bit afraid that even after my fluctuation will stop, the ophthalmologist will prescribe me with a new pair of higher powered glasses and i fear that my vision will again worsen over time because of that. Thanks again Smile
And yeah i am not sure whether my eyesight fluctuates due to mental stress or some other thing because I have noticed that even when i have been both mentally and physically relaxed, my vision had become worse on waking up the next day. I am not sure what is causing this fluctuation, but i am thinking of trying bates method for a few weeks, or perhaps a month, and if i don't see any improvement, then i have no choice but to visit an ophthalmologist. I am not a skeptic of bates method since i know that this actually works. But I am quite worried now, and will go for anything which might help me in stabilizing this fluctuation. Hopefully, bates method will do this for me Smile
The good thing is, is that YOU are in control of, and responsible for your own vision, and nobody but nobody can tell you how to go to go about this. Of course you need to abide by the laws of your country/state, and use common sense when it comes to your safety, or the safety of others. But you have to find a way to not worry about your next visit, and what they think. Worry is one of the things at the root of most refractive errors. As long as there is nothing going on from a medical standpoint, the rest is simply functional. Take charge of your own progress, and get yourself an eye chart. Start using it every day. It is the best feedback mechanism you can use to gauge just how much your vision is fluctuating, and improving over time.

Many eye professionals will overprescribe, and get you addicted to that 'crystal' clear vision. If you can still read the 20/20 line from 20 feet with an older pair of lenses, than they are good enough. You don't have to see 20/5 go function in the real world. Most things can be done with vision significantly less clear than 20/20. The eye doctors cannot force you to wear what you don't want. So keep you old lenses, and you won't have to go back to to anyone to get reduced ones. What's the best line you can see on the eye chart? (check from close -1 foot up to 20 feet)
Yes, vision fluctuates,

In have not worn glasses for about 36 years. I practice on the chart only sometimes. I find it easier to practice when I need it, just using the vision relaxed on any objects, scenery in my environment. I keep a chart in front of my bed at 18 feet. Or place it on the porch at 22 feet. I look at it spontaneously in morning when open my eyes and at other times; Often can see the 10 line and smaller print below it. As soon as I start 'trying' to re-read every letter, keeping my eyes-mind on the chart, recording how many times I can do this, how clear the vision is...; it seems to interfere with that perfect sight and clarity goes down. Then the only line clear is the 20/20 and only few of 10 line letters and sometimes only if squint. When I go away from the chart, let the eyes, mind be free, move; the best vision returns. Glance at the chart during the day and its all clear. Stay on it, trying to be perfect; it interferes with the normal eye, vision function.

The point of this post; The eye doctors test is with machines, and other things; time limit to hurry while also stressed trying to see; it's all set up to lower the vision temporarily during the exam and increase impairment by prescribing stronger glasses.

Nancy posted a good idea which I will use myself and have been passing along to others;

'Find a optician store in a shopping mall...' Some of them use the old fashioned paper wall chart. Walk in on a good day when your relaxed, good diet, no neck, should tension and take the test. Walk around the mall first, walk in spontaneously when vision is best and no people in line waiting. You have more control, no pressure here. Compare to a doctor's appointment who will use eye drops, you have to wait, use machines (no real wall chart at true close and far distances), sales pitch for lasik, pressure for bifocal, astigmatism sections (some eye tests cause temp astigmatism and result in a unnecessary addictive astigmatism prescription) At the optician you can move better and use the Bates method; shifting... Also; a optician might not be receiving $ 'kickbacks' from eye surgeons. An eye doctor, optometrist might receive $ for sending the surgeon a patient for cataract, lasik.., eye problems that are caused by stronger and stronger glasses.

Arocarty gives good advice; you don't have to use the strong doctors prescription; an old pair of weaker glasses is better, and the weaker the better as long as it's legal and no effort to see though them if they are a bit blurry due to being weaker, no 20/20 clarity. When they become 20/20 clarity form practicing the Bates method then they will soon become blurry because they are too strong; the vision has improved and another weaker pair is needed, or if your legal with no glasses; you can stop using them.
I don't see how am I in control of my vision. It's just better some day, and then suddenly worse the next day, though thankfully my vision hasn't much fluctuated for the last 3,4 days since i started practicing bates method. I am not that worried about going to the doctor, but the idea of prescribing stronger eye glasses just comes into my head whenever I think about visiting him. And yeah, I do need an eye chart so that I can keep a check on my fluctuation.

Regarding the 20/20 vision, I do not have that "normal vision" even with my current pair of glasses. I haven't checked it with an eye chart yet, but i just know that i am not able to see far off things, which people with 20/20 vision can usually see. I think that this fluctuation is due to stiff neck, because sometimes on waking up, I have a stiff neck, which usually gets better during the day.
Yasir Shaikh Wrote:I don't see how am I in control of my vision. It's just better some day, and then suddenly worse the next day, though thankfully my vision hasn't much fluctuated for the last 3,4 days since i started practicing bates method

You are in control of, and responsible for your treatment, in the learning process of how to use your eyes correctly. Of course right now you haven't learned yet, so your visual state may fluctuate. Don't expect any help from the eye doctor in this regard. They're just trained to do one thing - correct to 20/20 with lenses, at that moment in time. There's little if any thinking outside the box. That's why it's important for the individual to take charge of the un-doing process.

A chart will help you eliminate all the guessing and speculating. You could be sleeping funny, or have the wrong kind of pillow causing neck stiffness. You do anything to loosen it up before bed, and/or after waking?
@clarknight: I sure agree with the comparison you have made. We are kind of money making machines for eye doctors. My older glasses are too weak to even see a thing properly. I am practicing bates method with my current glasses as they have become weak as well. The best vision I can achieve with my these glasses is never 20/20.It might be slightly lower than that. So I think these glasses will be fine for practicing. I started doing bates method some four or five days ago and today I can see some improvement, which I hope isn't temporary.

I do palming 3-4 times a day for at least 2 minutes in a single go. Other exercises which I do are near and far focusing, shifting, and the ferris wheel exercise which Orlin Sorenson has discussed in his book" Rebuild Your Vision". I hope to soon start the 3 cups exercise as well. Many people who have successfully improved their eyesight have highly praised it. Should I give it a go or the exercises which I do currently are enough? And can you tell me about your prescription, and how long it took you to have the 20/20 vision? Thanks for your help. Smile
Try the anticorrective lense approach, and spend as little time as possible on the computer.
If you take note most of the posters here spend a lot of time on the computer,and never get beyond the clear flashs.
Most young people today are myopic because of near point stress caused by computer use.In the 1950's,60's,and 70's there was far less myopia,and the average myope was no more than -3.00,and many were -1.00,or -2.00. Now -6.00 is very common,and many reach double digit lenses in high school.
If you are a myope,and really want to reverse your myopia,you need to stay off of computers.
Bifocal Wrote:Try the anticorrective lense approach, and spend as little time as possible on the computer.
If you take note most of the posters here spend a lot of time on the computer,and never get beyond the clear flashs.
Most young people today are myopic because of near point stress caused by computer use........
If you are a myope,and really want to reverse your myopia,you need to stay off of computers.

In terms of using plus lenses, I agree with Bates. The answer is to to learn how not to strain while using the eyes at near, whether on computers, handhelds, knitting, reading books, etc. I work all day on computers, have for 30 years, plus hours after work, including other near point reading activities. I don't need glasses for near, never have, and don't need them for distance anymore. I know many nieces and nephews and other kids who grew up glued to handheld electronic games, inches from their eyes, for hours every day, and their sight is as perfect as can be.

"Glasses, by neutralizing the effect of the imperfect action of the muscles, may enable the patient to read, but they cannot relieve any of these strains. On the contrary, they usually make them worse, and it is a matter of common experience that the vision declines rapidly after the patient begins to wear them. When people put on glasses because they cannot read fine print, they often find that in a couple of weeks they cannot, without them, read the coarse print that was perfectly plain to them before. Occasionally the eyes resist the artificial conditions imposed upon them by glasses to an astonishing degree,as in the case of a woman of seventy who had worn glasses for twenty years, in spite of the fact that they tired her eyes and blurred her vision, but was still able to read diamond type without them. This however is very unusual. As a rule, the eyes go from bad to worse, and, if the patient lives long enough, be is almost certain to develop some serious disease which ends so frequently in blindness that nearly half of our blind population at the present time is believed to be over sixty years old." BEM Apr '21

"The remedy is not to avoid either near work or distant vision, but to get rid of the mental strain which underlies the imperfect functioning of the eye at both points; and it has been demonstrated in thousands of cases that this can always be done."
Interesting about the kids using computer... and have perfect vision. I will have to relax my thinking about computers. I never noticed tension after 4+ hours going graphics, typing until after a neck injury. As it heals things are better. Will have to keep the relaxation in mind.

As for Plus Lens; see my response to Bifocal on the other post 'Ted's vision blog' and on chat. Plus lens method can cause harm to the vision and the eyes health.
Sorry everyone for late reply, since I was busy in my studies. I just recently came to know that I have visual snow. I see tiny thousands of dots moving or sparkling all across my field of vision. I have had this problem for the last 2-3 years. I previously thought that it was normal, and the human eye was supposed to see like that. Does anyone here has this problem as well? And can it be involved in my fluctuations?

As for the bates method, I have been doing it everyday. My vision has improved as well, still not totally clear though. And the fluctuation has been very minor or almost none for the last 3-4 days. But since I came to know about visual snow, it has been my primary concern. It doesn't cause any problem, but it gets kind of annoying when looking in the dark, or in dim light. I have researched on it and unfortunately, it has no cure yet. Hope doctors discover it some day.

And thanks to all of you for your advice and suggestions. God bless Smile
Are you still wearing glasses? If it's only harmless 'floating specks', they will go away as the vision improves and glasses are removed.

If they are something different like a signal of a detached retina or other retina condition; stop wearing glasses NOW!
Get a eye check up to be safe and do not allow the doctor to prescribe glasses, especially stronger glasses.
I have those floating specks as well. But they are only noticeable when I look at the sky, or on a light colored wall or object during daytime but at night they aren't observable. As for the infinite dots, I see them 24/7 and even when my eyes are closed as well.

And yeah, I will have to visit an eye doctor. The floaters and visual snow are annoying me like hell.


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