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wow !!! so bate does work
so today is my second day, and here are somethings i noticed repeatedly
first is i really didn't have to do anything to see better, my eyes were actaully able to focus automatically like David was saying, but the tricky part here was no rather what i had to do on my side was, i had to first calm myself down, when my mind is busy thinking thinking thinking, i lose my mental focus and blur will come back, but when i am mentally engaged and focused wow that clarity i can see with ! amazing, just amazing and another thing i notice is, when i stop thinking and notice actually see what im seeing, my breath will get so strong and long, and for some strange reason, my other senses like hearing and smell will also become so enhanced !, anyway, although it was just a brief moment, it was very enlightening and makes me realize how much caught up we all are in our thoughts....Blush
Great! This kind of positive feedback from what you're doing will keep you motivated and going forward. Yes, Bates has written about patients whose hearing improved with practices like palming. It's all connected. It's just that we depend on the sense of vision so heavily that even a slight decrease in it is noticeable.

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