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Chinese eye exercises
Do chinese exercises actually work?  They consist of massaging areas on face that are near the eye, and some accupressure.  Check it out here and tell me what you guys think about it:  <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="">http://www.eye-exercises-for-good-visio ... cises.html</a><!-- m -->
I don't see how Chinese eye massaging techniques and acupressure points could actually improve visual acuity. Although I haven't tried them much, I do think they can help headaches.

But in my opinion, the proven authentic Bates techniques should make up the bulk, if not all, of any vision improvement routine. I don't think any other technique works as well and complete at releasing eye, mind and body tension as the Bates method.

I think the basis for any natural vision programme needs to be relearning correct vision habits, i.e performing them consciously until they become subconscious habits (effortless). Yes things like palming, sunning, visualising, Chinese eye exercises, vitamins can all help but should be done in ADDITION to the correct eye habits and never at the EXPENSE of them. So you shouldn't think it's OK not to worry whether you're staring or straining because you did 6 hours of Chinese eye exercises one day.

read this guys...

isn't this Chinese Exercises?

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Whether they work or not, they are definitely not worth it. In my opinion they are just like squinting and squeezing your eyes, temporary solutions. To me, these "exercises" don't seem like a very natural way of improving your vision.
there are no squinting or squirting....

the movement of the eye rather to the left, right, top or bottom... which part did you read?

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