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My reason for believing in Bates
#1 the fact that Dr. Bates had more to lose by telling the world that defective eyesight can be cured than by being silent.

Same with David, the creator of this website. Why would he spend his time and money on this website if he isn't truly cured by the Bates method?

By the way, has David ever posted details of his improvement? Somebody show it to me pls. ;D
Dear Friend,

Subject: Posting your vision-clearing "score" of your Snellen.

Bates described his "Method" as having the kids read their Snellen. Smile

First, last and always.

But it seems that no one does it -- at least not
on here. The reasons for not doing it escape me. ???

I haven't put my progress into paper yet because I don't 'see' any significant improvements yet, although I've had quite a few flashes since the start of the year and it encourages me a lot =)
I use the Snellen, not to record progress but as a tool to relax my eyes. By now I just look at it and (generally) after a few seconds my eyes begin to tingle and water - this follows from a certain state of mind which I allow in. It's kind of Pavlovian. Sometimes I get clear flashes after a while, in fact my only clear flashes (so far) have come when looking at it. I made it myself by using different font sizes and it sits on the desk in front of me - a sheet of paper hangs over it and I flick it up when I want to look at it, maybe once a day. It's because it's so familiar to me that it works. It's more effective if I look at letters which are not too blurry rather than facing a complete blur. In fact I don't actually do anything as such, just look at it, lightly,and maybe run my eyes along it now and then for a bit of variety. I'll see how far this takes me, I might then have to think of something else!

In the early days I'd consult it regularly, looking for improvement, but that didn't seem to do much. I was probably just straining.
Sean, I also use the snellen as a relaxation tool. Looking at something familiar relaxes me somehow. I think Dr. Bates called them optimums? ;D

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