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Sun-gazing and after image
Yes, those light spots can happen. I did what you tired but only about 10 minutes and had the spots for 3 days. A man on here 'Oleg' overdid sun-gazing and did it wrong when he first started to learn it and ended up with light spots for about 3 months. Now he changed his procedure...

You have to limit exposure time and always keep the eyes, head MOVING. Don’t stare into the sun. I prefer to just shift across the entire sun left and right to the outer sky mainly and a few across the left, right sides of the sun; only 20 seconds is enough for me, sometimes less. Looking at the bright sky near and away from the sun can be done longer; 1 minute.

I mainly do closed eyes when facing the sun.
Sunning has benefitted me but I am very careful not to over-do.

Many doctors say eye problems occur from the sun. Dr. Bates says no, he say sthe sun is good.

Have you tried the Bates method and no glasses to remove the astigmatism? When the eye muscles that are tense, causing the astigmatism relax; the eye goes back to normal shape and tension on the retina is removed. Eyeglasses cause tension, pulling on the retina as they progressively tense the eye muscles, placing pressure, tension on/in the eye. This pulls on the retina, causes macular degeneration, detached retina.

Do you wear glasses? Never wear glasses when sun-gazing.

Stop eye glasses now and I bet things will heal, reverse. Sunspots occur often when people keep the strain in the eyes by wearing glasses.
Hi Mary,

Thanks for your elaborated reply. As for the astigmatism, fortunately, I have always been reluctant to wear eyeglasses, and my day-to-day functioning was not dramatically affected by my vision problem until recently, when it deteriorated drastically. Clearly, it is no coincidence that the deterioration is coupled with eye-aches which I have never experienced before.

I began looking into the Bates method only during the past two weeks or so, and I am prepared to begin performing the exercises ASAP. I purchased the Hebrew translation of the 1930's edition and have yet to read it thoroughly, but I do wonder whether it is specified which exercises should be performed to cure each condition, as well as how to plan an exercise routine.

As for SG, man originated in nature, and the sun is an integral element in it. Man is designed to exist under the sun, therefore sunlight cannot be harmful, but gazing directly at the sun may be an exception. I have no intention to continue SG due to the macular scars for which it is responsible, whose effect may be chronic. How can sunning be dangerous?
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You don't needed sunning. Just avoid sunglasses. Go outside daily in the sunlight.

I never needed sunning or sungazing and kept clear sight entire life. CLosed eyes sunning and looking at the sky has improved
my health-mood and ups the vision extra clear.

Do you have any neck tension from computer work? Posture, tilted shoulders, head, neck can cause astigmatism.
There is a astigm. chart to practice 'swings' on in the book.

I understand that sunning is particularly beneficial in other vision problems. I am not quite sure which exercises are needed to cure astigmatism and how it is recommended that they be done daily.

I spend most of my time in front of computers. At home, naturally, the computer use is relatively relaxed and is discontinuted from time to time. I work as a court typist and am required to concentrate on the computer screen while sitting straight for the duration of hours. This results in usually-temporary eye fatigue and back pain, but since the recent deterioration of my vision it is quite detrimental to my eyes. Aside from this, I don't experience particular tension and pains, excluding anxiety.
David, I want to place these pics on here. Are you getting a pictures, video page in future? I haves of pics and would love to place them on here. People can learn fast! Here's a few sunglass pics experiement I placed on this page. Will place on my blog soon;

Does anyone know the exact distance of the sun-glass from the eye that Dr. Bates and Emily used? 5 inches? ... 5 inches makes the spot of light too big, weak? But closer=too strong at certain distances. BEM says they used a 18 D. small glass. Mine is less strong.

This is mainy for blind... Plain old sunlight without the sunglass is all most people need.

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