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Bates Method of Strabismus
Dr. Bates has claimed that strain can lead to things like myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. But he also said it was responsible for Strabismus- Does that mean that there is a cure for this? This is because i THINK i might have it due to the fact that i have double vision(diplopia). My mum and my brother told me that my left eye is a bit inwards, which is a sign of esotropic. However, when i look at myself in the mirror, i see no difference ???

is there a cure for this? if i have it..
My right eye turns in more when I use incorrect posture for days looking down, staring... at close distance.
I have improved this with relaxation, switching close and far; both eyes, one eye at a time, both together again, improve posture, quit caffine.
Shifting, central fixation always help.
The long swing and other swings, activities in Janet goodrichs books show how to cure wandering, crossed eyes in kids.
Bates books, magazines tell sucess methods, stories.
Is this new or a life long condition?
If new, what new thing in your life could of caused it?
My aunt knows a man that had straight eyes.
He became very ill and had a operation on some area of his body and experiened alot of stress over it.
Eye started wandering when he was driving, seeing double, scared him.
He went to doctor and doc said it will cure itself as his body heals and as his stress level goes down.
Man needed relaxation too.
When im just normally looking, or doin any exercises like shifting, i find that im always just using my right eye. If i cover my right eye and do shifting with my left, it feels different as i dont use my left eye. Probally i should start covering each eyes and doin exercises?
The best thing you can learn is that your eyes become straight when you stop trying to do something with them (or to them) to try to correct something. The more you try to correct strabismus by forcing your eyes to be straight, the more solid the latent strabismus will be. If you're myopic too, what you're doing to cause either one will be very much related.

You're doing something with your eyes to cause it. See my "doing nothing" topic I just created.

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Maybe it is only a slight wandering condition.
I know many people that have this and it is cured easy.
Or maybe your accommodation in that eye is imperfect.
That can also be cured.
If you practice shifting and switching close and far with one eye at a time; do it in this way;
both eyes together, then one eye at a time, then both together again, and
always do it in a deeply relaxed, carefree manner, no effort, no force.
Just shift on objects, switch close and far on objects without forceing the eye to be straight, clear.
Maintain central fixation when practicing.
Normal eye function will occur with practice and, as David says; when you let the eyes alone, dont intefere with the eyes function.
Switching is not considered a Bates method but it does improve vision.
Practice it a little, then 95% of the time just use basic Bates method; shifting, central fixation, relaxation...
When vision improves you dont need to practice switching.
Thanks clarknight/David
Wink Wink i'll try it out.
(08-02-2008, 06:23 AM)harold08 Wrote: Thanks clarknight/David
Wink Wink i'll try it out.
Harold08, How is your eyes now?

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