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improved in 15 minutes..a miracle in my life..
Hi all,
Hope you all are walking along with me to the destination that is sure to achieve.

I know i usually post after 4-5 months, but still i daily open the website and study the homepage quote ,new threads on excercise and success stories.

I was thinking from last 10 days to post for my improvement and some questions, since i have understood lot about how to use my eyes properly, what to benchmark for eye behavior, controlling, relaxing mind and overcoming my fears, shallow breathing that interfers into my visual system and make me to see in a incorrect way.
But this friday, i found something that filled me with a deep joy and a feeling of rewardness. Ok, not making it too long, i start.

I was sitting in a park in the friday morning. After some body-bimuilding excercise, i sat in an Asann for Pranayams ( breath excercises and Indian meditation ) ,simultaneously caring for the Bates concepts of blinking and central fixation (will explain my mental state and whole process in next post). When i sat for almost 30 minutes, excluding thoughts and emotions by meditating on long breaths and listening to chirping of birds, i opened my eyes after half an hour, and it was much relaxation on my face and eyes. Something was put off from my head and mind. Blink was light and breath was slow and long . I could figure out the details of the flowers and plants in my frontside of park. I could see the red , yellow flowers and the green leaves. I could also see the buildings that were behind the park. Initially, the flowers were double imaged but rising sunlight was falling on them and it became clear. I thought to look by my side and more long but then i feared that by so i wil lost this clear vision. I was surprised to see the faces and eye movements of children's and people rounding in the park. I was surprised that i am not losing this clear flash like all other uncountable (also uncounted) flashes i was getting from last year. I gave suggestion to myself " Relax, these are ur eyes !, these were made to perform like this. These were like this only relaxed and light in childhood, its the beginning" and a lot i said to myself about this figuring the flowers and admiring their beauty. I thought i should continue breathing long and should shift my attention towards details and swinging of flower's parts and the eyes of children playing there. I observed world was never so beautiful and interesting before. i was still observing birds sounds and the touch of cool, fresh wind blowing & touching my body. I showed interest in the beautiful pattern over buildings that were nearly 40 feet away from me .
i could blink softly wothout losing. and most importantly i was focusing in present.
This lasted for about 20 minutes and it made a belief in my heart that

" That day is near, when i will throw those damn glasses ( that i use very less - only in office ) and my friends kwill surprise and i will say crushing them with my feet- ' Enough, don't try to pick them, i don't need them anymore because i am also having a pair of eyes and i know how to use them ' ... "

.... will continue about my present eye situation in next post and i really need to know somethings....

I am very thankful to that moment i opened a half centuary old book ( that was in its ashes )about Bates in a library and finally got that Bates book and came to this website.

Ajmer ;p :p ;p

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