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Certain countires people have vision problems
clarknight Wrote:Sounds right.

I remember a television program about eye doctors going into 'high mountainous country' to remove cataracts for hundreds of people. They may have been of a darker skin color, but not Black/African.
They did the cartaract operations for free.
Does anyone remember this show. I dont remember if they told the cause of the catarcts.
These people may of been poor and lived a primitive life, no computers.
It was broadcast about 8 years ago and I remember being frustrated because the doctors were not saying what the cause and prevention is.
Maybe I missed that part.

Hi Clarknight,

From Natural Vision Improvement by Janet Goodrich:

"People in Australia often ask me about cataract formatio nwhen I discuss the possibility of leaving their leaving off sunglasses in this especially brillient landscape. They've likely heard of the survey done in Australia with 10,000 people over all parts of the country. The occurance of cataracts was correlated with the zones of average daily sunshine. In areas of higher ultraviolet radiation there were more and earlier cataracts, especially among the Aboriginies. The researchers made referance to the chemistry of those eyes that were developing cataracts in high sun areas. The clouding of the lens 'is inhibited by physiological levels of ascorbate (vitamin C) and glutathione (a substance that carries oxygen).' (Lancet, 5 Dec 1981)"

Cheers, JW

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