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Just Renewed My Drivers License - No Glasses
I'm not really sure what my vision was. When I first went to the eye doctor, I was having trouble reading plane tickets and my watch...bad for someone who travelled frequently for work. The eye doc said my far vision was a problem, too. I ended up with progressive bi-focals. After wearing these, I went from seeing distances fine (at least from my perspective) to not being able to see names on street signs, then during the subsequent check ups, my prescription became stronger. However, I often had flashes of clear vision, which convinced me that I really had two good eyes. It might not be fair to say that I had severe vision problems, but without what I gained from this website, I'm quite sure that I would have ended up with an eyeglass restriction on my drivers license as a result of the vision test. I am extremely happy.


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Re: Just Renewed My Drivers License - No Glasses - by goldrx7 - 04-27-2009, 05:22 PM