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Success with Bates method -- from -8 diopters
Dear Friend,

Subject: Dr. Bates and the "stuggle" for prevention.

Thanks for your write-up.

You case is very similar to my case.

I have only asked that the majority-opinion ODs provide preventive information -- by statating that the minus lens (has a serious problem with it.

They could tell your parents that you are at 20/40 to 20/60, and at that stage you can get out of it. But that it takes understanding, work and commitment.

The problem is that they think that Dr. Bates was a fraud, and his 1913 study was a failure.

I don't know what to suggest to you, but Sassie Sailor did an incredible job.

For myself, I had a cataract develop, and there was no choice but to replace the lens. That is draconian -- but it works.

There are too many ODs who think that the minus is perfect, and perfectly wonderful. I don't.

I think it should have a warning on it -- and we should help prevention-minded ODs by paying them to help us.

That has not happened yet -- so I fight for the day when it will.



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