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eyesight changing and arms and legs jerking
Muscle tension releasing, neck, body trying to return to normal position.
My boyfriend and I used to experience a all over body twitch, called it a 'Flinch'. One day he said he was laying in the park in San MAteo, CA, drifted to sleep and his whole body flinched and his body actually went up into the air, left the ground a couple inches. He does alot of heavy work. This condition never worried us, we noticed many people have it. Its some kind of nerve, muscle release. Alchole, drugs can cause it in a different form and that is a sign to stop the beer and drugs.
Since the bad chiropractor goofed something up in my neck, sometimes my arms, head, legs move by themself, twitches when I am drifting into deep relaxation before sleep. Feels like the muscles are trying to bring the neck/spine back to normal position.
Spritual practices with kundalini energy, astral projection can cause a twitching, jerking in the body. Careful, this subject must be done with training.


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Re: eyesight changing and arms and legs jerking - by clarknight - 01-21-2010, 04:58 AM