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Hi guys,

I've been doing the Bate's method for a year now, with no acuity improvements as of yet. I have "switched on" my right eye again and had an amazing improvement in my peripheral awareness, as well as getting a looser neck. I believe that the reason I originally got prescibed with my prescription in 2007 was due to fatigue and therefore mental strain. I am still in college and still really tired all the time becasue I get up at 06:30 and go to bed at about 23:00 having finished my homework for the next day.

My question is, in my left eye my prescription is -0.25 myopic and my right eye is -0.75 myopic. Do I need to cover up my left eye in order to improve my right eye's acuity first? Also, although it sounds wierd, I fell like I can either choose to see with the front of my eye (which feels normal at the minute) or with the back of it. When I "choose" the back, I can improve my oppositional movement skills remarkably, and in my right eye the acuity improves. Has anyone else felt this? Which should I "choose" ?

Thanks guys

James Smile


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